Friday, January 3, 2014

Random facts Friday

Hey everyone, it’s time for an entry of bullet points because I feel like there have been random things floating throughout my head over the past couple of weeks that I’ve wanted to get out there. So let’s just go through them, shall we?
  • On Christmas morning, my little brother’s phone starting beeping and he goes, “Ugh, isn’t it so annoying when you’re RunKeeper app gives you the alert saying ‘You haven’t worked out in a while! Would you like to work out?’” and I was able to respond, “Actually, I’ve never gotten that alert from RunKeeper before, since I’ve run every day since I downloaded it.” Now, granted, I did download the app with the purpose to use it to track how I did with the Runner’s World Run Streak with my friends. So, I was running more than usual. However, it was fun to be able to say, “Nope, never gotten that alert!” :)
  • I have spent so much time on the Mass Pike lately. I’ve got all the rest stops & points of interest all down pat. I seriously wonder how much of my life I have spent on the Mass Pike
  • Speaking of spending time in my car, the auxiliary cord I always used to play music through my iPhone or iPod in my car broke. However, this is the kicker, it broke off INSIDE of the plug. The tiniest little end of the tip is stuck inside the female part of the center console. So, I can’t just buy a new auxiliary cord, and no car repair place has anything that they can think of to fix it besides tearing apart the entire car. So, it’s radio and CDs for me forever :(
  • Christmas is officially over.  I took down all of my Christmas decorations and my tree and everything.  Do you think my tree was pretty dry?  Check out the needles...

  • Today I hung up my marathon training plan at my desk at work!  I originally wasn't going to put one up but I really enjoyed tracking my progress during the half marathon and it would also spark conversations with people that stopped by so I decided to put together another one.  Here we go!

  • I made some delicious stir fry with broccoli, onion, sesame oil, brown rice, gluten free teriyaki and sesame seeds for dinner.  Three days down!
  • We had some crazy snow over the past couple of days.  Because of that we had to move our run this morning indoors. We did 3 miles on the treadmill this morning and tomorrow we are doing a 10 mile run on the treadmill.  I'm scared that it is going to affect the resistance I've built up to the cold and outdoor endurance, but the snow is pretty bad right now so there isn't a ton of choice that we have.  Jess and I will have fun keeping ourselves entertained on the treadmill tomorrow I'm sure!  The snow is annoying, but it sure is pretty.

  • Oh, and finally, this picture and caption is why I love the White House Instagram account.  If you are not following them, you should.  Oh, and you should follow me too!  I'm on Instagram at @HungryTwenties.

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