Saturday, January 25, 2014

Running for beer.

Hey guys, happy Saturday morning!  It's just a quick little update from me this morning as I've got to head off to do my weekend long run.  On the agenda this weekend is supposed to be a half marathon race but there aren't any local half marathons this FRIGID time of year, so we're just making up our own.  PLUS, it is my marathon running partner Jess's birthday.  Happy Birthday Coach!!!  But more on that later ;)

The past couple of days have been a little more of the same.  I have been tracking my points every day, eating healthy as best I can.  I made the decision to abandon the scale for a little bit and maybe do once a month weigh ins?  I haven't been on the scale since before the holidays and I am going to weigh myself on February 1st and then (hopefully) not again until March 1st.  I have a pair of pants that I want to fit me so they are my "goal pants" that I will use to track any weight loss progress that may come.  I have never worn these pants before and would love to get them to fit, but there is a ways to go.  I took a couple pictures of where I am right now, but I am definitely not brave enough right now to post it for you guys.  I'm sorry!  Maybe when/if there is some progress I might feel better about it.  However, right now it's just a picture of me busting out of the top of a pair of pants I can't even button.

I've also still been struggling to get excited about my workouts.  I am still doing them.  I did one of our Tough Mudder workouts on Thursday morning with the girls.

Friday we switched our morning run to an evening run.  We met AT a local bar, parked there, ran a 3-mile out and back route, and proceeded immediately to enter the bar for beers.  Yup, it was pretty spectacular.  Minus the fact that ermagawd, it is so cold.  My feet felt like blocks of stone they were frozen solid and I was glad I had my new sneakers on because the ground was so ridiculously hard it felt tough.  Our out and back route was mostly uphill then mostly downhill, so I think for the first run in my life, we did it with negative splits.  We also had the promise of beer waiting for us at the bottom of the hill.

It's totally normal to go to the bar in full reflective gear and with your face frozen, right?  Oh, and don't worry, I stuck with my gluten free-ness.  I tried a gluten free beer for the first time -- and I wasn't a fan.  I will stick with my cider and wine, thank you very much.

Well, I just ate myself some breakfast -- which was a delicious 2 gluten free waffles with lots of cut up bananas and strawberries and a tiny drizzle of some maple syrup.  I have been eating a waffle with fruit for breakfast all week and they really hit the spot.  Today I did 2 and added a little syrup because I am about to go run 13.1!

I'll check in later with a hopefully fun recap of the half marathon run.  It will be the most I have ever run outside of a race, and the temperatures here are still brutal, and the we are expecting snow.  So, it could be quite an interesting run to report on.  Happy Saturday and Happy Birthday to Coach B!

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  1. During the summer in college we used to go in our lifeguard gear so I see nothing wrong with the running gear!