Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WTF Wednesday - A bunch of random

I've done it before and I am doing it again - stealing a theme from one of my favorites, Running off the Reese's.  There are a few random odds and ends things that I would like to share with you that really have nothing to do with anything else and have nowhere else to fit in but here.  In this random numbered list.  Please enjoy.

1.  The other day I found my first bug within my apartment.  Everyone had warned me that the bugs get bad in Atlanta and I tried to prevent them from even ever coming in by spraying my whole apartment with repellent but that somehow was not enough.  I am SO DISGUSTED that this giant bug was able to get into my home.  It took me a while to work up the guts to get rid of it, but I finally did.  However, I am not okay with the fact that another could very easily get in.

2.  The elevator in my office building always has random scrolling news features on the little TVs in them.  The other day I noticed that the TV had a feature called "Foreign word of the day" and the foreign word was "baseball" and it also let you know that in Italian, German, and French that word is all still "baseball."   How is this at all helpful information, people??

3.  My building also has an incredible fountain out front that I have been obsessed with taking pictures of lately.  Every single day I think "Wow that is beautiful" and snap some variety of a picture.  Why is this fountain so cool to me??  When am I going to decide that I have enough pictures of it?!?!

4.  This is all.

5.  I thought I looked cute the other day so I wanted an excuse to share this picture that I took.

6.  This is the back of my friend's phone.  I am obsessed.

7.  The other night I saw Sammie perform.  Do you remember Sammie?  Of, "I like it giiiirl, don't you know I like it?"  Yup, that Sammie.  He did not perform that song, and he is my age (28) and he is really short.  You're welcome for reminding you of his existance.  

8.  My friends are really beautiful.

9.  I have a flight coming up and just before I realized that I booked the flight departing a day early.  I nearly had a panic attack and luckily Delta was incredibly helpful.  I felt like the biggest idiot ever though.  Has anyone else ever done that?

10.  The other night for dinner I had a BLT but it also had in some cheese AND the "T" was a fried green tomato.  It was everything.  Dear lord, I love living in the south!!!

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