Monday, May 4, 2015

The Broseph's Weekend in Atlanta

Hey everyone, it is Monday evening and I brought my brother to the airport last night after a very full and very fun long weekend in Atlanta.  I am so glad that I took the two days off to spend with him on Thursday and Friday because it made his trip here so much more enjoyable and I had a number of new experiences myself.

On Thursday evening after I checked in here, we went out to a bar called Ormsby's that I have been to a few times and that I thought my brother would love.  Turns out, I was right!  This particular bar is filled with games.  From the dining tables being backgammon setups, to bocce ball, darts, shuffleboard and jenga - there is just a lot of different activities to take part in while you are enjoying some adult beverages.  We ate dinner there and a friend from my running group came out to join us, which was so much fun.  Her coming out even led to a last minute trip being planned for later in May.  It is going to be a bit hectic to fit it all in, but I am so excited for the adventure.

Friday we slept in a bit, and then headed out midday to try out Top Golf.  It is something that I have only heard about, but again, thought my brother would love it.  Right now they only have one location and it is a bit of a drive, but they are opening a new one closer to the city pretty soon which should be cool.  Top Golf is essentially a driving range, but it is all electronically enabled so that you can precisely track where the ball goes and there are a number of different bullseyes set up throughout the range.  You get scored similar to bowling and it is tracked on screens.  And similar to bowling... there is also food and drink you can enjoy while playing!

It really was a blast and I enjoyed it a lot, even though I am not a big golfer.  I would definitely enjoying doing it again with a group of people.

The day was pretty nonstop for us and we went from Top Golf to the Lenox Mall to walk around a bit and then from there to Turner Field for a game of the Atlanta Braves vs. the Cincinnati Red's.  The game was a ton of fun as a number of my friends ended up joining us, it was a gorgeous night, and a great opportunity to just have some fun outside of our running shoes or a bar.  Oh and did I mention it was fireworks night?  I pretty much LOVE fireworks!

It was really a fun night and ended after the game as Jeff and I had to get back and to bed so that we could be well rested because Saturday we had the Tough Mudder -- which was the whole reason that he came to visit!!  We had done a Tough Mudder the year before with some of my friends in Vermont as you may recall - so this was our first year as returning Mudders or "legionnaires."  I am going to do an entire post with a traditional race recap so I won't tell too much here, but it was a muddy and fun course!

Saturday evening I was sooo ready to spend the night on the couch.  But my brother is 24 and a dude and has a lot more energy than me and he convinced me to get off my butt and go out.  We got some pizza for dinner and then some friends of mine (from the running group - duh!) were having a Fight Night party to watch the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight.  It ended up being a really good time and I am glad that we made it out of the house for the night!  The pizza was delicious and apparently that's the only picture I took that night.

It did mean that it was a slower start on Sunday with the late night and we hung around a bit, did a few errands, grabbed breakfast, before going over to Atlantic Station for the Movers + Pacers flagship Sunday run at 2:00 p.m.  It was great to bring a family member to the run and introducing him to everyone there.  As is the norm with the group, everyone was so welcoming and wonderful!  It made me feel proud to be a part of this group of people.

After the run we went home so he could shower and grab his things and then head back out to take Jeff to the airport.  All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.  I loved being able to show my brother all the amazing things in this city and the great, kind, fun people that I now call my friends.  Living and growing up in Rhode Island, there isn't always a lot of diversity.  My family is incredibly open and loving, which is something I feel blessed to have grown up a part of, but there are some things that you just don't really know until you have more exposure.  Through the conversations, nights outs, runs, and everything we did, I was happy to have him meet and love my friends and see a different part of the U.S. that is so different than the northeast!  We always laugh and have a lot of fun together, this weekend was no different, and it was really great to spend so much time with him and for me to spend time being a tourist in my own city!

I love having visitors and am told I am a pretty decent host, so start booking your weekends now!! Thanks for coming Jeff, and hope you will be back soon!  XOXO.

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