Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I believe in you.

I mentioned that last weekend I did the Girls on the Run 5K as a running buddy to a little girl named Cindy.  A little girl named Cindy who was stubbornly set against running the 5K.  She was not having it and had made up her mind the second we crossed the start line that she was not going to be running the race.

She started by sprinting across the start line with one of her friends and stopping to walk after the first dash.  Within a quarter of a mile, I suggested we start running again and received a flat and determined, "No."

A half a mile in, I suggested we start running again and received another adamant, "No.  I need water. I am thirsty."

Any suggestion I had of running at that point was followed with a "Not until I get water. Why don't they have water out here?"

I tried bribing and tried coaxing her with water at the end, promising to buy her water if they didn't have any.  I suggested we run the downhills, which then seemed to get her to move a little and we ran another short dash before she stopped again, declaring, "Water."

This went on for a while, and even half way through the course they had water, but afterwards her refusal changed to, "My head hurts." "My feet hurt." I don't want to.

And what challenged me was not even that she didn't want to but it was how flat and how stubbornly she just refused to me, "NO." every time I suggested running.

Once or twice I tried breaking up the distance for her and was able to convince her to jog a little bit, "How about we go from this stop sign to the street light?" worked once or twice.  Even more when we got some of the other walkers to join in as well.  The whole thing was a struggle.  Even to get her to run the very finish of the race.

The thing is, I remember being her.  I remember being that adamant against running.  I don't remember why and I don't think I was so stubborn about it, but I just was convinced that it was not something that I could do.  I was convinced that I was just not a runner and I would stop whenever I started without trying to go any further.

One of the things that I have learned about running over the years is that you CAN do it.  Most people CAN run as long as they make up their minds to do it.  Injuries and disabilities and medical issues aside - you can do it.  Your mind gives up so much faster than your body ever does.  Your body says, "Okay, that was good, let's walk again." much sooner than your legs truly need the rest.  I truly believe that to be true because I have learned that in myself and it is something I STILL need to remind myself.  The days I can't get out of bed, the days I don't want to run, the days I just want to uber a cab and go home mid run (which is more than you would think!) I remind myself my legs are still going.

We finally got Cindy to run the last leg of the race, which we finished hand in hand.

A few times throughout the race she grabbed my arm and held on to it as we walked.  Cindy was stubborn.  But she also just needed to believe in her so that she could believe in herself.

It is Thanksgiving Eve and tomorrow I am running the Atlanta Half Marathon or the "Thanksgiving Half."  I've done the beloved Gobble Wobble with my friends the past 5 or so Thanksgivings and it is bittersweet to not be doing it with them this year.  But it is also amazing to see how far I have come as a runner.

Just wanted to say before I go to bed - believe in yourself out there, people!!  In case you are having a hard time doing it.  Let me be the first (or one of many) to tell you - I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve :)

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  1. I'm really, really glad you stuck with her and didn't let her push you away. I suspect that's what she needed.