Thursday, November 12, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday: Posted on a Thursday

First off, thank you all so much for your comments and messages about my post yesterday.  Sometimes I am really surprised at what things I write that seem to resonate with people or compel them to post.  I can't wait to follow up with you all and learn from you. Your positive words mean a lot!

And now, let me write a little bit about what I have been eating.  This is *somewhat* of a typical day in that I tend to eat the same things in rotation each week.  So the eggs, chicken, salad, etc. are all pretty typical of what's been going on this week.

I can't for the life of me figure out how these What I Ate Wednesday posts work, but I always am interested in trying to do one as people all over the bloggy world put up these posts. I track what I eat every day but I usually forget to write it down!  However, this Wednesday (yesterday) I was determined to track and photograph everything I ate and I did a pretty decent job if I don't say so myself.

My day started with a run and then I returned back home to my apartment.  This is not my usual routine, but I actually had the day off today due to Veteran's Day.  I was feeling really beat after my run so I ended up just crashing on the couch for a bit but as my "recovery" breakfast I had a delicious little meal. I love being able to start my day with scrambled eggs!  Especially when those scrambled eggs include mushrooms and onions that I had sauteed earlier this week, have some fat free mozzarella cheese thrown in, a side of salsa to eat with them, and a mug of Swiss Miss Light hot chocolate made with chocolate unsweetened almond milk.  Delicious!

And this may be embarrassing to say, but I actually didn't move much between breakfast and lunch.  I watched some episodes of Law and Order: SVU (I am almost caught up to the current season!!) and took a nap, then woke up interested in lunch, which I made myself a salad-less salad, which is something I've been thoroughly enjoying lately.  It was a bit bowl of cut up tomato, cucumber, carrot matchsticks, a bit of sweet corn kernels, some goat cheese, half an avocado, and a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Alongside a big thing of ice water?  Yum.  It exactly hit the spot and kept me full for a bit until I had an afternoon snack.  As I mentioned, it has been raining like crazy for the past 10 or so days but today we had an absolutely beautiful day and temperatures around 70 degrees.  Today is what fall should be like always in Atalnta!!!  I was anxious so spend some time outside and originally had planned to do a bike ride today. I tried to convince myself to go for a short one, but my body really was telling me it needed a rest.  It is definitely going to be a challenge to get myself to bike ride as I get closer to half Ironman training!  I started my afternoon at Starbucks for a skinny caramel latte and a cut up apple slice eaten with a scoop of Muscle Milk Light cake batter protein powder mixed with a couple tablespoons of water.   It wasn't a very natural meal I was having, with lots of artificial and processed flavors in all of that, but it was a great afternoon snack, enjoyed outside with my latest issue of Runner's World magazine.

From there I continued my afternoon off with a trip to Mint Salon in Atlanta for a MUCH needed haircut!!  I have put off haircuts because I don't really have a place to go that I like in Atlanta yet. I was recommended Mint by a friend so I made an appointment for 3:30 today and head that way after my coffee and apple.  While waiting, I helped myself to some of their breathe mints... which... I ate as if they were a snack and actually had about 8 of them.  Woops!  I did count the Weight Watchers points though...

My haircut was awesome, felt so good to get some of the dead weight off my shoulders and I left there feeling pretty happy, as well as a bit hungry so I had another couple of snacks.  The hair salon offered sodas to all of their customers, and I helped myself to a Diet Coke.  Guys, my soda intake has been so drastically reduced lately, it is insane.  I used to drink a full 20 oz soda every single day.  At this point, I very very rarely drink a soda because they do not taste good or feel good to me any more. I cannot tell you the last time I finished a full 20 oz soda.  I pretty much never choose soda any more and when I do, like today, I cannot finish it. I love free things and couldn't say not to their case of sodas, especially as it technically wasn't free but a part of the price of the hair cut (in my logic.)  So I could either keep eating breathe mints or I could grab a soda to get my money's worth.  However, less than a half way into the soda, I couldn't drink anymore.  So I enjoyed my banana instead and dumped the soda out the next chance I could.  My soda pic includes my face, because hair cut.

My lovely Wednesday out of the office, still did include some work and rather than work from my couch, where I already had spent half my day, I went to a coffee shop in Atlanta that I've been wanting to check out called Octane.  Plus, I had a hair cut to show off and this place actually has coffee AND a full bar.  So I opted for a glass of wine while I went through e-mails and got myself organized. Not too shabby!

I got some work done and then went over to a networking event that I have attended a couple times in the past for people who work in "Green" jobs within Atlanta.  Green is a pretty loose term, and since I support and still love the renewable energy industry, I like to attend.  There are usually interesting people and they hold the events at pretty cool locations.  Last nights was at a local brewery, so of course that one caught my eye!

The one thing I did forget to take a picture of was the little beer samplings I had. I actually only took one picture at the event and I also got hungry and ate two bags of Skinny Pop popcorn that they were giving out, before coming home and eating an actual dinner.

I knew that I wasn't having the most nutritious snack with the popcorn, but I do love Skinny Pop and the bags don't have a ton of calories in them.  I actually took a ton of extra bags with me because they were giving out cases of them at the event!  Popcorn on popcorn on popcorn forever!

 It was about 9pm when I got home and didn't want to have a big meal before bed but knew I needed to eat something else so I had  half a chicken breast I had baked on Sunday over a bed of steamed spinach. Over the weekend I marinated some chicken breasts in lemon juice, garlic, and pepper and then baked it in the oven.  It's been really delicious and I've been eating it throughout the week.  The spinach I bought to put in smoothies, but haven't been doing smoothies so much this week. So I have been just throwing some fresh spinach on a plate and putting it in in the microwave when I heat up the chicken.  It steams it just a bit and is delicious with the seasoning from the chicken.

And with that, it is a wrap on my What I Ate Wednesday: Posted on a Thursday!

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