Monday, November 9, 2015

Have I run out of things to blog about?

I feel like my life was so interesting just a couple months ago.  Most nights, when I go about my normal routine and the time pops up that I usually blog, I go to write and then am like, "What do I have to write about?" Tonight I actually went back and looked at the blog titles from a month or so ago to literally check, "What did I used to write about?" and immediately thought to myself, "Oh wow, my life was pretty cool!"

But as of late, it's been sort of just living and working and exercising and seeing friends when I can.  Pretty normal stuff happening over here in these parts.

No trips planned as of now, no goal races in my immediate future.  Just a regular girl.  SO, let's see, what can I tell you about?

1.)  I'm trying to get back in track of counting Weight Watchers points, eating home cooked food, and losing a few more pounds.  But who isn't?  I'm exercising, because it's something I like to do and because I want to see certain changes in my body.  But isn't that why all people exercise?

2.) Back in the day I used to write about food and recipes but I feel like what I have been cooking hasn't been too exciting lately.  I've been eating salads.  I made some crustless quiches this weekend but half the quiche got stuck in the muffin tins and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to throw out that muffin tin now (grease well my friends!)  I made some sweet potato soup and put in a bit too much red pepper flakes and it sets my mouth on fire but still tastes good on these rainy days we've been having in Atlanta.  And I've also been back on a smoothie kick.  These things are so delicious and keep me full!

3.) Aside from that... as I mentioned... I've been trying a number of classes.  Last week I went back to the barre class at the gym and Friday did an HIIT class as well.  Something in those classes left me super sore and I have been hobbling around quite a bit over the weekend and even today.  To loosen up, today I swam in the morning and did yoga in the evening.  

4.) At the end of yoga, during the savasana, I legit fully fell asleep.  Not only did I fall asleep, I started to have a nightmare.  How weird is that?  I was at the end of a yoga class and fully relaxed and all of a sudden I had this crazy bad dream situation.  I saw the face of a girl and with every deep breathe I would take the eyes would black out a bit more and the face would get a bit deformed.  The eyes were going crazy and black and fuzzy and scary and my chest got super tight.  I knew it wasn't real and as my heart started beating faster and it got scarier I shook myself awake to find myself back in the calm, dark, room with soothing music.  It was SO bizarre.  I said to my friend, "I think I fell asleep." but was too weirded out to tell about the bad dream.  She just said, "Yeah you did, you were breathing really heavy."  Soo now I'm nervous I was snoring too.

5.) I just went and searched through my pics on my phone to see if there was anything cool to post about that maybe I had forgotten and would remember when I looked through there.  The only two recent pics I have on my phone are of an outfit I was in today because I thought I looked cute and a pic I saved of my baby niece and nephew.

6.)  Aren't my niece and nephew cute?  Hardest part about moving far away has been not being able to witness every stage of their first year.  Of course I miss my mom and everyone else too, but if I don't see her for 2 months she is pretty much the same.  If I don't see these babes for two months they are pretty much different babies.  Thank god for photo streams, but some days the pics just make me want to cry because I feel so far away.

7.)  I turned my heat on for the first time today!

8.)  I don't like odd numbers.

Well, there you have it.  A rambling list of unbloggy unblogginess that will hopefully get me back into the groove of writing regularly and thinking of things to write about.  Anybody have any suggestions from me?  What do you like to hear about?  Please provide me with answers because I miss writing but I have writers block.  Bloggers block, if you will.  I love writing and love spending the time to sit down and think but lately when I do, my mind just goes blank.

Maybe I should take up meditation?  Except now I'm scared of nightmares while I yoga/meditate.  The struggle is real people! I am signing off, goodnight!

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