Thursday, May 23, 2013

Healthy single serving crustless quiches recipe

Hey guys, I haven't shared a recipe in what feels like a million years so I figured I'd give you a recipe for real today!  Earlier this week when I got my life in order, I made myself some mini quiche muffins to eat throughout the week.  Because I've been trying to eat more in line with the "Happiness Diet" and eliminate processed foods, I've been making eggs for breakfast in the mornings for the past couple weeks.  To try and make things a bit easier on myself, I whipped up a batch of quiche muffins that are delicious, easy for those on the go, and pre-portioned, which always helps.

Healthy Single Serving Crustless Quiche Recipe
Serves 6-8
Weight Watchers PointsPlus value: ~2 points per serving

3 eggs
1 package frozen broccoli
1/4 cup skim milk
1/2 cup grated muenster cheese (or whatever your favorite cheese is!)

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Cook the frozen broccoli on the stovetop according to the packaged instructions.

Step 2: Whisk 3 eggs and milk together.

Step 3: Add salt, pepper, nutmeg, cheese and broccoli together with eggs and mix.

Step 4: Pour into greased cupcake tins so that they are filled to the top.

Step 5: Bake for 30-35 minutes at 350 degrees

And then... enjoy!


Guys, this is legit the SIMPLEST way to make this recipe.  When I say simple, I say mean simple.  It makes a simple egg, cheese, and broccoli egg muffin.  I would highly recommend adding chopped shallots, sundried tomatoes, and/or switching up the vegetables.  Add some spinach or substitute the broccoli for spinach.  Add some red peppers or give them a little heat with some red pepper flakes.  Once you have the basic ingredients down, you can really do this dish with anything.  And the cheese is totally switchable as well.  Cheddar, American, Mozzarella, etc.  Really ANYTHING will do!  Just get the simple ingredients of eggs, milk, cheese and veggies, and you are good to go!  If you want to bulk up the servings without adding much calories or Weight Watchers points... add a couple more egg whites to the entire thing.  You'll get more muffins without affecting points too much.  I'm good having one for breakfast with some fruit, but you could have two if that works for you!

Let me know if you have any fun combinations that you try.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Katelyn, I just found you blog from runsforcookies's motivational Monday this week where you were celebrating your 15-miler, and now I'm reading from back to front. I just now made my own single serve egg bakes and I included 0% greek yogurt to up the protein. They're quite dense, but are totally delicious!