Friday, May 24, 2013

Ten random things for Friday...

1.)  On Monday I was driving home from work and right by the toll plaza was a broken down tour bus.  It was probably the warmest day we've had so far this year.  It was around 5:30 p.m. and the sun was still out in full force.  It looked like there were a lot of elderly people and I assumed it was one of those guided group tours that people go on where they all wear name tags.  As I drove by I thought, "Ugh.  How miserable.  Hopefully someone brings them food or at least water."  And then I thought.  Wait a minute, why don't I?  So I got off the highway really quick, stopped at Target, bought two 24-packs of Poland Springs and went back to where the bus was broken down and dropped them off.  The old man I spoke to had an accent, tried to give me money, and said thank you about 10 times.  I don't think he understood why I was randomly dropping off water.  I just said they looked like they could use it and went about my evening.

2.)  I bought so many vegetables at the grocery store this week.  I went a little overboard I think. But I made some veggie packed salads at work.  Refreshing!

3.)  I also made my own hummus tonight!  My friend Teenie, who I just saw in Chicago, sent me a link to a blog she thought I would like: Clean Food, Messy Closet.  Well, she was right.  Tonight I tried two of the first recipes on here. The chili lime almonds and the hummus.  It was my first time making hummus and now I am SO excited about it!  Like my quiche muffins, there are endless ways to mess around with this recipe and make a million varieties.  Making my own food rather than buying processed stuff is so fun.  Plus, I got to use my food processor I got for Christmas.  I ate some of the hummus tonight with those veggies I bought this week.  Yummy.

4.)  Every other Thursday I organize a happy hour for people at work, and anyone else who wants to get on my list.  The e-mail distribution is around 160 people and usually I get about 15-20 people to show up.  This week we tried out a new restaurant/bar in Schenectady called Johnny's.  Turns out the Mayor of Schenectady was at the bar having drinks.  Someone someone in my group ended up talking to him, called me over, and the Mayor of the city where I work told me to put him on my happy hour list.  Bizarre and totally random happening, but kind of cool.  People at work say I am one of those people that you find often saying, "Only her..." about :)

5.)  We had some crazy weather this week!  So many thunder storms, which I find terrifying.  Check out the photos I snapped from my desk at work.  This was all within about 30 minutes.

6.)  Did you see the color of my nails up there when I was holding my salad?  Or the color of my thumb that's poking into the photo, rather?  It's Sally Hansen "Green Tea" and it is legit my favorite color right now.  Gym tops, formal dresses, pants, necklaces, tee shirts... if I see anything on a clothing rack this color right now I am drawn to it.  I need to stop.  But I love it.  The head of sales in my business called it "Sea Foam" rather than green tea.  Listen, I don't name it.  I just buy it.

7.)   I was literally crying I was laughing so much scrolling through the images in this article, "Photos You Really Need to Look at to Understand."  The captions made it that much better.  This gave me a smile in a week where I really needed it.

8.)  I ate french fries for dinner on Wednesday night.  And last night I tried "italian nachos" at the restaurant Johnny's we went to.  Oh. My. God. They were so good.  Neither night was too good on my plan to get ready for the summer...

9.)  Thank you to all of those who reached out to me to wish my friend well.  We'll all praying for a speedy recovery for her and I started working on a little project to help boost her spirits and make her smile.  Hopefully we'll all hear good news soon.  But please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers for the time being.

10.)  It's Memorial Day weekend!  I cannot say enough how much I value and am thankful for our American soldiers.  Please, as you enjoy your time with family and friends this long weekend, think of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for you, me, and our country.  To those in the military out there, to Veterans, and to the family members and friends of those who are passed... thank you, thank you and please know that you are appreciated by those around the country who don't know you, but value you.  XO.

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