Monday, February 2, 2015

It was the best of times, the worst of times.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  And yes, my "most of times" is like, the most ridiculously pathetic excuse for "worst of times" so please don't judge me for that.  I know I am a lucky person.

Anyways, first things first.  NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!  The game was incredible with an ending for the books, with unbelievable catches and ups and downs and drama like no other.  But, the Patriots did their job and pulled off a championship for New England.

The New England Patriots Fan Club was out in full force last night and I had a great time watching the game in this atmosphere.  I was really debating whether or not to go because I was feeling kind of down and overall overwhelmed with everything I had going on.  However, I sucked it up and it made for an awesome night.  I also allowed myself to have a couple extra drinks and housed some nachos and wings in the spirit of making friends.  Because that makes sense, right?

The game was a blast and I have been enjoying reliving all the fun moments by browsing social media throughout the day today and watching all of the antics from the parties and celebrations by the team.  Wings and nachos?  Probably could have skipped.

The crowd I was with stayed out for some after-parties as well, but I head home after the game to be able get some sleep before getting up early for an 8:00 a.m. flight to Mexico City.  I am here this week for work and am excited to see a new country and meet my coworkers here (this is my first time in Mexico!)

I planned for today to be an extra "rest" day and felt like my body probably needed it because I worked hard last week and was feeling sluggish at the end.  I have been doing some cross training on Mondays but there really just wasn't a ton of time for it with my travel and plans for the day.  I got into Mexico and did some work and also had lunch out, which I tried to have be small but ended up being huge, but also delicious.  It was a very suiting welcome meal to Mexico!

Oh and there were chips too.

So, yeah, so much for eating healthy between last night and today.  And then my light dinner ended up turning into me ordering a creamy dip and asking for extra bread to dip it in.  I have fully gone off the deep end today and am not sure how I am going to make it out of this week without gaining back the full 10 pounds that I have lost.  And not that in the mind set I am currently in, I would be ordering salads anyways, but you can't even order a salad here because the lettuce is washed in the water and then you could get sick.

I know that yesterday I had this mentality that special occasions happen and I need to be accepting of them, but also, I have been working hard and don't want to fall apart, I just don't know how to navigate this week.  This day was so very sedentary with my flight, working, and then driving around Mexico City for hours.  I know I will be in the gym tomorrow morning, but I am tired of treadmill workouts.

And I'm feeling really out of control and worried that all the work I've done over the past few weeks is going to be out the window by my little mini craze I am going through.  As much as I am good at motivating myself, I am also the queen of self sabotage. I wish that I was going in to this week of travel feeling a bit more confident.  But the truth is, I feel shaky.  And then on top of that I feel upset with myself that I am worried about this stuff rather than just focusing on the fact that I am a wildly lucky person who has a job that sends her around the world.  I am healthy and active and traveling the world and have a network of family and friends who love me and are there for me.

So, I will wrap up this whiney and emo-esque post with some pictures of Mexico to remind myself that life is good.  Thanks everyone for being there for me, even when I feel like I don't deserve your support!

And finally...

Cheers to tomorrow being a new day and a new chance to start over.

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