Friday, February 20, 2015

Another week with no breaks.

Another week where I don't get a chance to sit down and write until the week is over.  Nights with friends.  Local events and packing.  Flights and drinks upon arrival.  Gym casino night.  And then here I am.

It was a good week and a busy week and my visitor season in Atlanta has come to a close.  I spent Monday evening with my friend Ari who was in town for work hanging out at her hotel.  We ordered room service for dinner and we both realized that neither of us had ever ordered room service with another person and it made for quite the romantic experience.  Who knows if this was just the hotel or this is what they usually do, but we had a beautiful little table set up for us in the room to eat off of.

It was good to spend time with Ari because she has been working so hard lately to eat healthy and start exercising and running.  She's been at it for months before I have been... since October/November and she's been doing amazing.  I've been cheering for her from afar and she has been inspiration to me to finally get my butt moving this January and get my eating in check.

It is so nice to have people who know exactly what you are going through and Ari is one of those people for me and it was a great night chatting, catching up, learning more about her job, and being totally silly.  For those of you who are my friend on Facebook, you saw the dance number that I posted there.  I have no idea how I never knew about the "SloMo" feature on my phone but Ari's idea of the Slo Mo dance party was one of the best I have ever heard of.

It's really, really shitty that Ari lives out in L.A. because I could use a lot more of having her in my life.  It makes me realize that you need to appreciate the times that you are in.  I miss college and getting to live in the same house or just down the street from her and so many awesome people.  I miss you Ari!

If it hadn't been such a fun and silly night, I may have been a lot more upset when I went out to my car and saw that I had gotten a boot on my car because I parked in a retail lot that apparently doesn't allow you to park there after the stores closed.  Who knew?!

I feel like I was officially indoctrined into Atlanta by getting a boot on my car since apparently the parking around here sucks.  And to be honest, I parked somewhere knowingly illegal the past Saturday and expected to get towed and didn't.  So I guess this is just payback.

My workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week were totally awesome.  And by awesome, I mean they sucked and left me exhausted, but felt good.  On Tuesday evening I did a sprint workout at the gym and at the end of it, my legs were jelly.  Complete jelly. After my workout I went to the kickoff party for one of the running groups that I am a part of and I was so exhausted during it, which was a good feeling - of being tired from a workout rather than just lack of sleep.

I followed things up on Wednesday morning with a tempo run that I had to fight my way through, but I did it!  Afterwards I did a small arm workout but didn't have time to completely finish before having to go to work.  I'm starting to feel good about myself again and where I am getting to, but I still have a lot of work to do.  Getting rid of that stomach pooch is a big goal of mine.  Nobody wants you here, stomach, go away!!

Yelling at your fat works, right?

I needed to get my workout in that AM before work though because in the evening on Wednesday I flew to Wilmington, NC.  Thursday I had a big presentation that I was giving that I had been preparing for all week, and I stopped to meet some of the people that I was going to be presenting to for a drink at the Front Street Brewery and tried out one of their raspberry beers.  I love myself a good fruit beer and this didn't disappoint.

For my 3 mile run on Thursday morning I had a special guest and new running buddy to explore the streets of Wilmington, which was really nice!  One of the things that I love about running is the connections and network that I have made through it.  A coworker based in Wilmington who was helping to coordinate my trip reached out to me saying that she knew we had a mutual friend in my running bestie from Albany, Jess.  We decided to meet up for a run and Leah met me at my hotel with a route planned out.  It was awesome and left me on a major running high and ready for the day!

I pulled out my fancy clothes for the presentation and it is something that I love doing and am excited to do more of when my clothes are fitting me better.  I really struggled picking out what to wear for the presentation and vowed that once I get closer to where I want to be, I am going to reward myself with a wardrobe makeover.  The role that I just took on was a promotion and I want my work clothes to reflect that a bit.  This is new motivation for me to keep at what I am doing! New clothes!!!

I flew back to Atlanta Thursday afternoon and although it was a super quick trip to Wilmington, it was a really enjoyable and fulfilling one!

When I landed I went right over to my gym to enjoy their "casino night" which was a pretty cool experience.  They had great food and drinks and it gave me the opportunity to meet some people at the gym, and try out some poker games.  I played roulette, blackjack, etc. and it was fun! I love that my gym is more of a community and I am so glad that I joined the gym that I did.

I didn't actually workout at the gym until this evening when I spent my Friday evening doing a leg workout because I've been getting way behind on my weight training and I do not want it to drop off!

This is a very selfie filled post and I will try to do better for my next one.  Please forgive me. #SelfiesForLife

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