Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WTF Wednesday

Today I am going to steal a theme from one of my favorite bloggers, Cely at Running off the Reese's, and am going to do a "WTF Wednesday" post.  Or in my case, it might just be me complaining about a number of things.

1.)  The past couple of weeks people have been going crazy with the snow in Atlanta.  On Tuesday we woke up to the horror of an inch or so of slushy wet snow on the ground and schools were cancelled.  I went to go to the UPS store and it was randomly closed due to the weather.  How is this possible?  Let's grow a pair, Atlanta!

Then today, snow was forecasted to start at about 3:00 p.m. and SCHOOLS WERE CANCELLED YESTERDAY!  There was literally nothing on the ground when I woke up this morning.  It was totally fine out until about 2:00 p.m. when it started snowing.  But, despite that, businesses were closed, my office closed at 12:30 p.m. and everyone worked from home.  All of the upper level parking at our building was closed off and my gym sent an e-mail that they were closing early as well.

This is all despite the fact that if you looked at the weather forecast, it very clearly stated temperatures for the day remaining at about 36 degrees and that Atlanta would mostly just get rain.

At about 2:00 p.m. when the snow started, it came down in huge big gloppy snowflakes that immediately melted when they hit the ground.  The weather forecast still said the temperatures were high, so I stayed at work.  Following work, nothing was still sticking to the ground, so I went to happy hour.  I just got home at about 7:30 p.m. and it is raining out.  Just raining.  It is warm.  Grounds aren't frozen.  It's insanity how much this was hyped and how little happened.  TWO DAYS off of school for some rain!!

2.)  As much as I love traveling there are a few things that I really, really hate about it.  One of which, is packing.  It literally took me about an hour and a half of staring into my closet to pack to go away for less than 24 hours to Wilmington, NC last week.  And I also hate visa applications.  I have a new goal in my life to be successful enough to have an assistant, just so that they can help me with visa applications.  And it will never not be totally unsettling to put my passport in an envelope and send it away somewhere not in my possession.  I am always anxious until I get it back.

3.)  On that note, I should probably at some point finish up that Singapore blog.  I never did that, right?  Woops.

4.)  I finally watched a full episode of The Voice last night and I am going to try and watch this whole season through.  My friend Ari and all the work that she puts into the show really inspired me.  However, I watched one episode and I felt soooo bad for the people who didn't get their buttons pressed by the coaches!  I now know (a tiny bit) about all that goes into getting them on the stage to that point and know that these are real people, not just tiny TV robots and I felt soooo bad then they didn't get selected to be on a team!!  Ugh, it is a pain to be a girl with a lot of emotions sometimes.

5.)  Yesterday, I got this notification on Twitter.

Okay, let's look a little closer because there is one notification on Twitter in particular I am referring to.

What the heck, Elijah Daniel?!?  I've been added to the list "super hot moms" on Twitter?  I mean... I guess maybe I shouldn't be so quick to be offended that he added me this list.  At least he thinks I'm super hot?  Maybe?

6.)  Kind of on that note... yesterday was my half birthday!  Only 1.5 more years until this blog title is no longer applicable!

7.)  I don't know if it is because I moved and got put on a bunch of marketing/advertising lists or what, but I get SOOOOO much mail that is just advertisements and marked as "To Current Resident" or something like that.  A few weeks ago I stopped taking anything out of my mail box unless it was addressed to me personally.  The mailbox is now almost full however, so I think I need to bite the bullet and throw it all away.  But I really also want to write a note to the mailman to please ask him to only deliver things that are specifically addressed to me.  Is this allowed?  Is there a way to get yourself off these lists?  Would love any advise!

8.)  Does anyone know a magic solution to getting someone or something off of your mind?  Or stop something from coming into your mind?  This is a problem that I have been seeking a solution on for a long, long time and lately has been frustrating me again.  I hate that feeling and if there are any really smart chemists or something who happen to spend their time reading this blog - here is my request to you:  Please make some sort of a pill that can stop certain thoughts.  Please and thank you.

So, I got to 8 items.  That's all for now.  Happy Hump Day!

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