Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Non-stop til you drop.

So, I'm pretty much never going to blog again if I keep having weeks like this!  When I say it has been nonstop, I mean that it has been NON. Freaking. STOP.

Last Thursday I evening I flew from good ol' Georgia to New Hampshire to spend the weekend at my sisters house.  My mom and I spent the weekend with my little niece and nephew to allow my sister and brother-in-law the opportunity to get away for 2 nights, which I think was much deserved for them and a fun opportunity for my mom and I to spend with the little ones.  I hadn't seen them since Christmas and it is amazing how much they have developed over the past 2 months and I am more in love with those little cookies than they could ever know!

The plan was to fly on Sunday evening to NYC as I am at a training for work this week outside of the city, but, plans changed when my flight was cancelled due to snow.  I ended up renting a car and driving from New Hampshire to New York metro area and it was a TORTUROUS drive.  Apparently, they don't like to pave the roads in Connecticut and the drive was 6 hours of white knuckles gripping the steering wheel, eyes fixated on the road, driving through white out snow and inches of snow on the highway.  It was a bit stressful but I managed to arrive at my destination in one piece late on Sunday evening for the start of my class at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning.

Since then it has been a literal nonstop mixture of class, work, exercise, work, sleep, class, exercise, etc.  Every spare moment has been spent doing something that needs to be done and it hasn't felt chaotic at all.  Well, maybe not very chaotic.  But just busy and no down time.

If you thought my day-in-the-life from Mexico was busy, this would probably make most people's heads spin.  Even the people in my class have noticed that I've been working every single 15 minute break we have.  But, that's life.  And I do like to be busy!

I have a number of posts to write for you guys and hope to find the time to do them soon, so hang with me.  And I also want to post 1000 photos of the babies that I took over the weekend, but will leave you with just these few because I am a proud Auntie and totally obsessed with how cute and sweet and loving these two little babes are.

Cutest niece (slash goddaughter!) and nephew ever!

Jack is the sweetest boy and absolutely adores his sister.  When he sees her, he lights up and just smiles at her and tries to get her to engage and tries to scoot himself as close to her as possible, hold her hand, etc.  It's amazing.

I love them. Even when they don't always love me and my nonstop picture taking :)

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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