Sunday, March 8, 2015

Off again.

So, I'd wanted really bad to write a number of different blog entries, but unfortunately just haven't had the time.  Last week I had a great, albeit incredibly busy and packed week, at a training for work.  It wasn't a typical training, but one where you really spent the majority of the time asking questions of yourself, what motivates you, and exploring your relationships with other people in your life.  It was intense, interesting, and I feel like I still am going to be learning so much from that class over the next few weeks as I have time to digest all of it.

I returned to Atlanta on Friday, had a great weekend in Atlanta and even got a bit of a sunburn due to the incredibly awesome weather we've been having.   I am seriously loving the high 60s temps in early March!

I'm now at the airport about to head out on another trip.  This is a big one and I am excited as well as slightly nervous, if I am being honest.  I am hoping to catch up writing some blogs on my flight.  I want to tell you about the training course I did, and also tell you about how I managed to make it through the week with eating and exercise.

I miss writing more and hate that I don't have a few hours free ever to update.  But, life will return to normal soon I am sure and until then I am just riding it out.

Follow me on Instagram for pics!  Hope you have a great week.

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