Sunday, March 29, 2015

The week between two half marathons

So what do you do the week between two half marathons?  Yeah, I'm not really sure either.

I wanted to recover, I wanted to start working out hard again, I wanted to taper.  I wanted to sleep all week.  I was all over the place.

Monday:  Yoga at Plum Tree Yoga
I started the week by going to a yoga class for some recovery.  I didn't push myself too hard and it felt good to loosen up a bit and do some pigeon pose and other stretches.  I followed yoga up with a celebration drink with the Running Nerds.  I love rehashing races and it was fun to catch up with them and share perspectives of the race, how we did, how we felt, and what's next.  I resisted the urge to order a pizza for dinner and got a salad.  But there was cake and beer involved.  So, not sure if I'm really winning any health points there!

Tuesday: Movers & Pacers Sprint Night + Yoga
Spring night in the park was really, really fun this week.  I am starting to know people a lot more, the temperature was just right, music was blasting, and it's staying light out a lot longer so we had more time to hang out afterwards.  I didn't push myself too hard running the sprints, and ideally my first time running after a bit race wouldn't have been a sprint workout.  I debated whether or not to go, but wanted to meet up with the crew and see everyone and be outside.  I am glad I made the choice, got some movement in, but didn't put TOO hard.

Plus, the post run yoga was led by one of runners and I loved doing yoga outside!! I am keeping my mat in my car from now on and going to try and see if we can get this to be a thing after sprints.

Wednesday:  Unintended rest day
I really was looking forward to joining the Movers & Pacers for their midweek run at Chastain Park in Atlanta but was pulled into a work dinner.  I felt guilty throughout the day about not getting in any exercise this day, especially because I ate A LOT.  I wished I'd thought more strategically, run in the morning, etc. But work has been really busy lately with early calls, and I've also been trying to sleep in a little bit more to see if the extra rest helps with my headache so I didn't get up in the AM.  I had my clothes in the car, but didn't end up getting back to Atlanta from my work meetings until 9:30 p.m. and I am not the kind of person who can work out that late.

Thursday: 3 mile run + weight training
Remember Katelyn's 2015 HOTlanta Bikini Body plan and doing weight training 3x a week?  Well that's sort of dropped a bit.  I didn't keep it up while I was in Nigeria and didn't want to start back up the week I was tapering for my race. I thought about getting back out there this week and felt good on Thursday morning doing weights.  I want to start back up regularly as soon as I get through this next race and hopefully this headache eventually goes away.  However, I think it did help working out in the morning so I am going to try and use it as motivation.  Unfortunately I am traveling again next week and not sure where I will have gym access for the first half of the week... It's always something!

I also got a couple extra miles in during the afternoon with Girls on the Run.  We were able to get outside with the great weather and I clocked 2 miles with the girls, helping to encourage them to run more than we walked as we did 4 half mile loops.  The girls pace was about 13:30 minute mile, which is really not bad!

The reason for my morning run was because I had plans with a friend who was in town from NYC for dinner.  Julia and I tried eating at a tapas restaurant that had been a recommendation from a friend and I absolutely loved it!  I will definitely be going back there in the future.

Friday: Vibe ride with Movers & Pacers
You guys, this ride was aweeeeeeeesome!!! I have been a spin class enthusiast for years back to when I first starting working out and dieting and lost a good amount of weight.  I have had some amazing spin classes that I've gone to and spin instructors who I love and I know who read this blog (hi Stacie & Chris!)  But this class I went to on Friday night really kicked things up a notch.  It was a dance party/club on a bike.  There was a live DJ, the music was incredible and perfect for the group/audience, and there were colored lights, high energy, etc.  Aside from being on bikes and riding, we could have been at a club.  I loved that the instructor included dance elements into the ride and it reminded me of this video that had circulated the web amongst my spinning friends a few months back.

The studio in Atlanta hasn't even opened yet, but they held a special free session for members of the running group because the owner is one of our runners.  She came up with the concept and is about to do the grand opening of the studio right on West Midtown in Atlanta!  The class was so fun, I was dripping sweat, and I was smiling ear to ear the whole time.  I cannot wait to go back!

Please refer to my pre & post workout selfies to see the amount of sweating that was going on.  The class was a party.

And at any party, there is of course lots of pictures being taken!  I had such a good time.

Saturday: Walking throughout San Fran
This morning I flew out to San Francisco on an early flight.  Hello West Coast!  It was meant to be a day to do a 2-mile shake out run, but that never happened.  We spent a lot of time on our feet walking around and at the expo and opted out.  Hopefully we'll be good tomorrow.


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