Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pre-race jitters!

Hey everybody!  It's the night before race day and I'm getting the jitters!!  Tomorrow is the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon and my first "official" attempt to break 2:00 hours on a half marathon, although I am not confident about reaching that goal in the morning.

Tomorrow will be my third "official" half marathon that I have RACED and the first I have done since 2013.  I ran 13+ miles multiple times throughout 2014 in my training for the two full marathons, including the Saratoga Palio Half Marathon and of course, Jessica's Birthday Blizzard Half Marathon.  But, I didn't run them for a time and I haven't run a race for a time since the Providence Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

I'm nervous and excited and unsure of how I will feel in the morning.  I had some strong runs this week and felt sore because of it.  I also haven't been feeling well or eating well this past week and started the race weekend off by staying out a bit too late and having a bit more to drink than probably necessarily.  However, I had an awesome time at the monthly "catch up" for the Movers and Pacers running group and it was a blast.  We started at one of those drinks & games type places, played some laser tag, and later went out for some live music and dancing.  It was a fun time with a great group of people.

However, enough with the excuses!  Tomorrow I run!!!  And guess what?  Next weekend I will run again.

I randomly decided to book a trip out to San Francisco for next weekend so I can join my friend Allie as she runs her first half marathon!  She is the second of my friends to take me up on the offer to train for and run a new-to-them distance and I would join them for it.  The first brought me to Kansas City with Kristen this past fall and now a new race!  I like the Rock N Roll series and I think it's pretty cool to run across the Golden Gate Bridge.  My plan is to run the race with Allie and not run it for a time for myself.

Going to the race expo today reminded me how much I do love organized races like this and the excitement and adrenaline around them.  I'm really excited for Allie to experience her first race next weekend, being a part of it with her, and the challenge of back-to-back half marathons!  However, until then I have to focus on the morning and the 13.1 to do tomorrow!  The race expo today was really nice and I bought a bunch of stuff at it!

We've been having some beautiful weather in Atlanta this week (when it's not been raining) and the trees and flowers have been blooming.  It is so fun and nice to be able to enjoy the spring time.

I have gotten to try out some fun new clothes, like these pants that I bought while I was in Nigeria that I am now obsessseeeeed with!  They are SO comfortable and outside my comfort zone a bit, so it is fun to wear them.  This is my new favorite outfit for the spring.

Tonight I enjoyed my pre-race meal of pasta, chicken, and brussel sprouts (and a beer!) while sitting outside and I think there is a lot more sitting outside in my future.

I polished that plate of pasta clean.

And now it is time for an early bedtime because it's going to be a reallllly early race start tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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