Friday, April 24, 2015

The race itch.

Guys, I am getting the race itch SO BAD!!!

Since the half marathons in March, I haven't been training for anything.  I have been running (I am 3 miles away from hitting 100 miles!!!!!!!!) and working out hard, but I haven't been training for anything.  I hit a major goal of mine of breaking 2 hours and sometimes with that, there is a down period.  You've done it!  You did the thing you worked hard for!  But now what?

My goal for this year was to do an Olympic distance triathlon in the summer and I have yet to pick a race.  I have been mixing in cross training and did a spin class on Monday morning and started today at the pool for a swim workout, ending it with a ridiculously stupid 8 mile run on tired legs (I wanted to get to 97 miles so I would finish the challenge at the race tomorrow.)  So it's not that I necessarily need a race to have the motivation to work out (which is a little different for me) but I just need a race because I love races.

The Boston Marathon had me itching.

I need some triathlons.  I need some half marathons.  And mostly, I want a marathon.  I want to pick my fall marathon so bad and have it on the schedule.

I find out next week whether or not I get into the Chicago Marathon and I SO hope that I get in.  We find out during the day on April 28th and I am going to be refreshing my e-mail like crazy.  I want it really bad!  I am anxiously awaiting the 28th and if I make the lottery cut like a kid the week before Christmas.  

It's funny because I don't even think that I mentioned on here that I also entered the lottery for the NYC Marathon this year.   See, I wasn't this anxious about the NYC lottery because in the back of my mind, I really didn't think I wanted to do that race.  Ideally, I wanted to do Chicago first (it's a flat course!) and this is the race that I have had in my mind for a while.  I think it is the perfect next marathon for me and I have also heard rumors that they let a lot of people in through the lottery.  So I somehow think that I have a pretty good chance and I have high hopes.  But I'm so nervous because of that!

And yes, I know that there are alternative options besides waiting around like a nut until Tuesday.  I could get guaranteed entry and run for a charity, and who knows, maybe I will think about that more after I see what happens on Tuesday.  However, I don’t want to do a race for a charity this year because very soon I am thinking of running the Boston Marathon, which I will 100% need to run for a charity. Where I have the option of doing races that I can get in through a lottery or regular sign up, I want to try.   

But I have the race itch soooo bad!!  Following Tuesday, you best believe I am going on a race registration blitz!  Here I come!

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  1. Yay! I did my first Olympic distance last year. It was great!