Thursday, April 2, 2015

Friends and family in the Golden Gate City

A shower and a change of clothes later, I was back out in the streets of San Fran for a day of sunshine and celebrations with amazing friends.  When I was last out in SF I mentioned that I hung out with a group of guy friends, I knew I was going to be spending the day with some of them, as well as Dani, who I ran the Paris Marathon with last year -- and has been living out in SF for about a year now!

As you guys know if you spend a lot of time around here, I have a group of friends from high school that I am still very close with.  The majority of them are girls, but AJ, is one of the guys I have stayed in touch with throughout the years.  He's actually been the one who helped push me into weight training and put together a little workout plan for me to start back in the beginning of January.  Although I have been majorly slacking the past few weeks and being a bad weight training pupil, I think he forgives me :)

As you can see, I went a casual route for the day with my outfit -- wearing the t-shirt that I had bought at the race expo the day before (which I loooveee!!) and of course, my race medal.

I sort of feel it is tradition to wear your race medal the day that you earn it.  I have insisted on it for most of my races, but lately it has been falling off the wayside and I've been giving in to peer pressure a bit.  Nobody wore the medals the day of the Publix Half Marathon and then when I showed up to see Allie she didn't have hers on!!  I told her to put that ish on right away and kept yelling at her throughout the day to wear the damn thing.  Since when do runners not want to wear their bling?!?

We had a great brunch, complete with pitchers of mimosas, and then headed out to one of Allie's favorite bars to try one of her favorite drinks.  We got a seat on the back patio and pretty much camped out their for much of the afternoon.  New friends of Allie's came and went throughout the afternoon and a couple more of my high school friends came out to play and enjoy the sunshine and drinks. It was glorious!

It's always fun and kinda crazy when different aspects of your world and phases of your life collide.  It happened a number of time throughout the days while I was out in San Francisco in a number of different aspects.  First, over the weekend hanging out with Dani and Allie together was fun.  They had actually first met through me in Paris last year for the marathon, and I had reconnected them when they both moved out to San Francisco.  And then for Dani, part of my life in Schenectady, to meet high school friends and high school friends to meet work friends.  It was all just a little weird, but great!

I get jealous from time to time when I see pictures and posts on Facebook of Allie and Dani hanging out together in San Francisco.  And then when AJ and Allie started talking about getting together, I was already like, "Noooo!!!" -- knowing that I would be jealous.  I mean, of course, I want them to all hang out and be friends, and I am getting to a better stage in Atlanta in terms of having a social group, but it is still hard and I still wish that I had some of my close friends in my new city with me.

The week continued with worlds colliding as I was spending a lot of time at work on Monday and Tuesday on a project that actually has to do with my most recent job that I had before my current one.  And the site that I was working from is actually a part of the business that I first joined when I started with my company.  There was lots of nostalgia for my past roles, running into people that I worked with in previous roles, and also some planned connections, such as meeting for lunch with a good friend who also moved to San Francisco a couple years ago with his wife.  It seems like I know so many people in the Bay Area and it is becoming a location like New York City -- where it is impossible to see everyone I know in one trip or weekend in the big spread out city!

I was staying with my uncles throughout the weekend who had actually been out of town until Monday afternoon so on the evenings on Monday and Tuesday I was able to spend time with them, which was really nice and always so much fun to be able to do.  They are two of my favorite people and I love learning from them and laughing with them.

Tuesday night I took the red eye flight from San Francisco back to Atlanta, worked a full day on Wednesday, then joined the Movers & Pacers for a 3-mile run, which I tacked an extra 2 miles onto beforehand (aiming for a big mileage goal in April!)  On Thursday I doubled up with smaller workouts doing leg day with the weights at the gym in the AM and then joining a small M&P group run in the evening THROUGH THE POURING RAIN!  I loved that the mini group still went out even though it was pouring, thunder and lightning moments before we ran.  I hadn't prepared for a rainy run in the morning, but luckily its now pretty warm in Atlanta so it wasn't too bad once we got going!

The week has gone by fast and I can't believe how much I have packed in.  My goals over the weekend are to keep exercising, get some miles in, and NEXT WEEK I WILL GET BACK ON TRACK WITH WEIGHT WATCHERS.  Counting points starts on Saturday.  What do you think?

I need to get my eating sorted out ASAP!  Anyone want to join me?  I'm in need of some support.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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