Thursday, April 30, 2015

My little brother is in Atlanta!

Hey everybody!  I'm officially on a long weekend, so writing in quick before going to have more fun with my brother.  Yep, that's right, the J-man is in the A this weekend!

Jeff arrived this morning, which was great because it gave us a full day to eat, shop, explore, and have a few drinks.  We started by going directly to a donut place that I had seen online and had been anxious to try called Da Vinci's Donuts.  They are incredible.

The donut bases are all the same but then there is a variety of different gourmet toppings.  We got an assortment, including two that we custom made ourselves and sat right down and ate them all.  I promise that they were small, although not small enough that I think that it was okay.  But man it was delicious!!  The sugar coma kicked in immediately afterwards.

We did a bit of shopping and hanging out back at my apartment before going out to spend the afternoon in the city, in what turned out to be an incredibly beautiful day.  Our first stop was to go to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.  This originally was not on our plan for the weekend at all and I didn't even tell Jeff that I wanted to go until today because I didn't want it to be a question (that that I thought it would be!)  But as we headed out, I just let him know we were going to be stopping by there as our first stop.

This week's events in Baltimore (and as I type, Philadelphia) have had me doing a lot of thinking and attempting to read and learn.  I have seen a lot of different articles and view points on social media being posted and shared and I haven't weighed in to anything, mostly because I don't feel educated enough to weigh in.  I don't think that is an excuse though, so I have been trying harder to feel smarter and more informed on these really intense issues.  With that, I also realized that I don't know enough about the history of my own city, which I know was an influential part of the civil rights movement.

Earlier this week we used the MLK Jr. National Historic Site as a parking lot when we went out for our Monday evening run and I knew that couldn't be the only time that I have been there.

It was really great to see the site and I learned a lot.  There is a lot of reading within the exhibits so it is definitely something that I need to return to on my own to really spend the time reading through every exhibit and piece.  However, for those of you who are unaware, Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, attended elementary school, high school and college in Atlanta.  And first became giving sermons to the congregation at the Ebenezer Baptist Church here.  His funeral took place in Atlanta and he is buried here.

 I'm really glad that we took the time to visit the Historic Site and appreciate my friends here who recommended it.  On the way out, we also stopped at the bridge where we took all the pictures on Monday night with my running group to try and get a nice sibling shot with the city in the background.

Unfortunately that turned out to be a major fail and we just look like idiots in every picture.  Exhibit A:

We spent the day after that bopping around, getting some food and drinks on the rooftops of Atlanta and checking out some of the different neighborhoods, including a walk through Piedmont Park, where we did end up getting a nice sibling picture!

And also a silly one.

And also Jeff climbed a tree while I sat on the ground and watched.

And with that, I am going to leave you to go continue MVB weekend!  Have a great Thursday!

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