Monday, February 24, 2014

Catching up and falling behind

Okay peeps, it's been almost a week and I'm trying to catch up.  I've got a lot to say so I figure I will do it as much as I can through photos.

So, to start on Wednesday morning Jess, Aubrey and I ran 8 miles in the cold.  It was a run that felt really good and we ended pretty freezing.

And then, on Thursday, I slept in for a rest day.  In the morning I decided I wanted to get coffee on the way to work, which I don't usually do.  So I drove a different route to be able to stop at a Dunkin Donuts.  However, it wasn't until I drove PAST the Dunkin Donuts that I remembered I'd wanted to stop there.  So, I pulled off the highway an exit early to go to a different Dunkin Donuts.  However, that must have slipped my mind because I got to work, parked at the cafeteria, went inside, bought another coffee, and didn't even realize it until I got back out to my car and went to put it in my cupholder and saw the DD coffee.  Woops.

I did what any logical person would do and drank them both.  There is nothing like double fisting coffees to start your day.

Oh, and yes, I have still been starting my day with a smoothie each day.  I am legit totally obsessed and loving a frozen banana, protein powder, almond milk, and berry smoothie for breakfast each and every morning.  Yum.

Mornings have been really nice lately, actually.  I seem to get into work every day with a little pep in my step on a regular basis!  The other thing that is cool is that my mom got me this one-a-day calendar that I am absolutely loving.  It is called "Runner's High" and each day has a little quote about running.  Here are a few of my favorites.  The one about sneakers is especially true because I would never spend $125 on a pair of heels but I easily shell that out on sneakers every 6 months.

Friday I ran with my friends in the morning -- a really nice 5 miler!  Followed by work, and leaving early to head to Boston to see my group of girl friends I have had since elementary school.  I love these four ladies more than anything and it was such a fun weekend seeing them, catching up on life, love, work, friendship, wedding plans, travel, school, graduation, relationships, jewelry, fitness, and everything in between.  We are dinner on Friday night at Towne, which is also the same place that we watched the World Series win last year!  The highlight of my meal was the potato and leek soup. Yum!

I love these girls.

It made me smile thinking about my group of friends and how we all make fitness a priority.  Saturday morning we started the day with 3 girls going cross country skiing, and me doing a 12 mile run -- with KO joining for 6 of those miles.  It was a beautifully sunny day with temperatures in the 40s, which made running so nice!  However, since it was the first warm day like that, the roads were pretty icy and snow covered at times.  I had to be careful of black ice, but otherwise felt really good throughout the run.  It was also really great to have KO to join me for the 2nd half of my run.  Thank you lovely!

The rest of the day on Saturday we spent just lounging around and talking about that long list of things that I mentioned earlier.  We cooked a delicious dinner together of scallops, salad, and quinoa.  We drank wine and Prosecco and made toasts to the wonderful accomplishments our group has had over the past few months and in the months to come.  We laughed.  We cuddled.  We watched old favorite movies -- Now & Then -- and new classics that have special meaning now that we're all a part of Erin's wedding in August -- Bridesmaids.  I miss these girls already, and the silly shenanigans we always seem to bring about.

That Penguin outfit?  Yeah, that was mine from elementary or middle school when I was on the Penguin swim team.  Somehow it ended up with KO and that ended up with her this weekend, and ended up on us both.  Pretty sweet, huh? :)

Sunday we woke up early and headed over to a mexican brunch spot where I was happy to chomp up some corn tortilla creamy egg tacos, which were deeeelicious.  And following breakfast was time to get our nails one!  I decided to try and amp up Syracuse's two game losing spell with a festive orange nail polish.  It apparently worked because tonight, Syracuse won!  Woohoo.

Following our nail appointment, I gave those girls a big hug goodbye and head back to Albany with a quick stop at my dad's to give some big hugs to my little munchkin baby brothers.

How stinking cute are those boys??  Ugh, I am in love with them both!

Monday, today, was a long day as I didn't sleep well last night but it started off pretty much with a 4 mile run along with Jess.  I had a yummy green smoothie and a long day of work, following by a Syracuse win!  What could be better??

So, with that, you're pretty much caught up.  Except for that on Saturday I ate like a crazy person and just couldn't seem to stop eating the chips, dip, chocolate covered almonds, cheese, and wine that were out throughout the day.  Today was not much better as I grabbed multiple Reese's and over indulged in wine and chocolate.  It is only Wednesday and I am already -20 over on the week and there is no sign of me digging myself out with all that I have going on this week.

I guess my goal is to do the best I can and not just throw in the towel since it's already been a bad week. Now is not the week to go bust... not right before my upcoming travel :(  Ugh.  This is going to be really hard, guys!!

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