Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting caught up with Portland, 10-miler, Syracuse, and some food!

Hey guys, long time no talk!  I am sorry that I lied to you yesterday saying that I would post on Tuesday.  I tried to get an entry done but I was soo tired from getting up extra early that I just couldn't get myself to do it.  It's been a busy few days and I feel really guilty about not writing -- especially since the incredibly sweet Malory just complimented me on being a regular blogger, then I go and drop off the radar!  However, whenever I go away for the weekend it always takes me a few days to get caught up again.  So, I am finally back into a normal rhythm (I think) and want to share what I've been up to since last Thursday.

So, going back a ways... Friday started with a 4 mile run with Jess and Aubrey, coffee and chatting at Starbucks, and a delicious smoothie of almond milk, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, PB2, and kale. The run felt really nice and I was so proud of Jess, who had been out running for an hour before Aubrey and I met up because she planned to do her long run of 10-miles on Friday morning due to a packed weekend. She kicked butt and it takes a lot of willpower to start running at 5:00 am alone!

After work I head right to New Hampshire for the kick off of a girl's weekend! I met up with my cousin and got dinner with her and her friend. I had never been to visit in Portsmouth and it is a really cute town! We ate at a funky, cool restaurant called Flatbread. We each got a salad and we split two pizzas on gluten free crusts that were delicious and I also had a glass of wine that hit the spot after a long day of running, work and driving.

The main event of the weekend is that Saturday evening my mom, aunt, cousin and I had tickets to go to a Grease movie sing-a-long in Portland, Maine! However one of the reasons I planned to come to Portsmouth on Friday was to break up the drive a bit, see my cousin of course, but also get my long run in here!

Heather had put out a request on Facebook as to where I should run in Portsmouth and after doing some research the suggestion I decided to take was to run along New Castle Ave. I had 10 miles to do and I left at about 8:45 am on Saturday doing an out-and-back route from my cousin's apartment. It ended up being a really fun route along some winding roads with rolling hills. The road didn't have a sidewalk for most of it, but there were lots of runners out and I was wearing my bright neon jacket so very visible against the gray and brown earth that takes over this time of year.

It was a luxury to run in high 30 weather with some sunshine throughout, especially compared to the conditions of last weekend's long run. There were lots of groups of 2 or 3s out running and it made me miss my running pals today! So I decided to channel my inner Coach B and became the cheeriest runner out this morning shouting "Hello!" And "Good morning!" To everyone I came across.

The route was pretty scenic with lots of gorgeous houses, little bridges, water, and port views. One little bridge totally freaked me out to run on.. It was an iron grate bridge. Eek!

I felt really good on this run and was so happy to have a nice long run this week to get me feeling confident for next week's 15-miler! Since I did an out and back run, I mentally broke today's route into two 5-mile runs and I think next week I will think of it as three 5-milers. Although I would certainly say I am in new territory with my mileage, I am officially in no mans land next weekend.

Following the run we walked around a bit in Portsmouth and then head to Portland for the big event.  There were some delicious eats along the way, and then the main event the Grease sing-a-long was so ridiculous and funny and included lots of dancing and props, including the bags on our heads :)  It was a really fun girl's weekend, down to just sharing a hotel room, walking around, and spending time with my mom, cousin, and aunt.

I will say there is one thing that nothing to do with Portland or my family that added some extra adrenaline to the weekend and that was the Syracuse vs. Duke basketball game!!  Oh man, it was SO good!!! I watched the majority of it via my cell phone, which, although not ideal, was still so incredible to experience.  It is one of the best basketball games I think I have ever watched and although Syracuse was able to keep their winning streak going, it certainly was the start to what I am sure will be a great rivalry for many years to come.  And Syracuse is now #1!!

On Sunday I headed back to Albany, after having a nice breakfast in Portland and lunch in Worcester (to break up the drive.)  I had a Super Bowl party to attend, which was fun, but I had already seen what was the most exciting game for me of the weekend.  I was really proud of myself for staying on track while at the Super Bowl party.  It helped that most of the food was "off limits" due to the gluten, and that I was the loser who brought the fruits and veggies to the party, but oh well!

I left a little after half time to head home and get to bed because I had an early run in the morning.  Jess and I did 3 miles on Monday and got caught up on our weekends over coffee afterwards.  It turns out, coffee at Starbucks is a great way to start the week as well as end it!  We may have to work that in to our routine as well :) While we were sitting having coffee Jess goes, "Uhh.. Katelyn.. whatcha doing?" and my response was, "Just taking a selfie..."

So, here you go :)  Apparently I was feeling the post-run look Monday morning...

Monday was a jam packed day with running, work, home to cook a little bit, Nia, Syracuse basketball, and then an extra early bedtime.  The extra early bedtime was because I had an extra early wake up call because we changed our schedule this week and Jess and I ran our 7 miles on Tuesday.  We had a snow storm that came through overnight on Tuesday into today, and when I woke up today to about 8 inches of snow, I was sooo glad that we did the run yesterday!

Tuesday started early and ended late with my friend Jeff's birthday celebration.  I didn't get ANY drinks when we were out and I had just as much fun as if I had gotten one.  Who would have thought??  Happy Birthday Jeff!

I'm really proud of myself for staying on track for about 3 weeks now with my Weight Watchers points.  I am totally loving and taking advantage of the extra points that I get from all the running I am doing, but I'm actually spending them on delicious, healthy, good for you food (for the most part...) and trying to eliminate the junk where I can.  But, I still love my chocolate and I cannot get that out of my diet no matter what!

One thing that's been helping me is these smoothies.  Since I starting making them last week, I have had one every day and I totally addicted.  They are delicious, keep me full, and feel indulgent.  Why have I not been doing this sooner?!?

So, that's about it, you're all caught up.  Are you feeling fulfilled now??  :)

I worked from home today due to the snow and finally feel like I've got my schedule a tiny bit under control (but probably not really...)  I have some cooking done for the next few days, and my body is getting a little rest it needs.  Tomorrow I'm back at it though!

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy if you're facing this snowstorm as well.  Fingers crossed that roads are good for my 15 mile run this weekend... I'm starting to get nervous for it with the weather we've been having!! Wish positive things to the weather gods for me, please!!

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