Friday, February 28, 2014

Another tough day.

It was another tough day my internet friends.  It didn't start out that way.  I let stress get to me.  I started the day with a great 5 mile run INDOORS with Aubrey by my side on the treadmill.  We chatted a bunch and the run felt good.  Then we got coffee and I went to work with smoothie in tow.

It's funny because I'm starting to get attention at work for my smoothies.  The guys I work with think they look absolutely disgusting (and in their defense... it does look like of gross...) but I am enjoying teaching people what I have been doing with the smoothies!  They really help keep me on track.  And then I had some coffee, a healthy lunch, snack of an apple, and went to a charity bowling event that I had for work at 4:00 p.m.  HOWEVER, I still had a bunch of work to do and it started to really stress me out as I was walking back and forth from the bowling to take calls.  They were serving beer and pizza at the bowling event.  Not things that I really want to eat and drink as a "gluten free" person or a person who has to run 18 miles in the morning.

I HAD planned ahead and brought almonds, an apple, and some water.  However, I ended up eating the cheese off of THREE pieces of pizza at the bowling alley.  I used to look crazily at the girls in my sorority who used to do that in college.  And then we went to dinner and I ate tortilla chips and "spinach queso" which was more like queso, queso and faijtas minus the tortillas.  I ate more cheese today than I have in a long long time.  Which is not a good thing to eat differently when I have to run further than I have ever run before in the morning.  I was just so stressed that I wanted to not care about what I was eating.  And ya know what was partly stressing me out?  The fact that I have to run.

Pretty backwards, huh?

While I was at the bowling alley I did have one glass of wine along with a couple of the girls who didn't want to have beer either.  We were laughing at our classy selves drinking wine at the bowling alley.

When I left work today I was looking at my marathon training calendar.  We are really getting down to the wire people!

I must admit I am scared and some days my nerves get ahold of me more than I would like to let them and today was one of those days.  Just look at what I've got left!

Hopefully my poor choices today don't get me in too much trouble tomorrow!  18 here I come...

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  1. Still catching up on your blog - did all the dairy make or break the run -- duh duh duhhhhhh. :)