Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some weeks are a bust.

I don't have much to say about this week except that my eating habits have been pretty shameful.  I knew that it would be tough since I started the week "negative" in points to try and turn things around and I was right about that.  I am currently negative 63 points in the whole and aside from that, I am just eating poor foods.

Today we had a surprise wedding shower for my manager at work, which was a blast, but it also meant that there was really delicious cake around that I couldn't resist.  I ate the frosting off of 3 pieces of cake.  THREE pieces of cake!!  Since I am still "gluten free" I just ate the frosting.  Which isn't much better.

And I put gluten free in parenthesis because someone who is truly not gluten free wouldn't be doing that because it's not truly abstaining when you're eating the crumbs.  And then tonight, when I went to a work dinner I ate chicken wings and even worse... some of a cookie.  Along with hard cider and ice cream and a salad filled with lots of junk and popcorn.

And I didn't work out today or on Tuesday, my "non-running" days.  I guess that some weeks you want to work out twice a day and some weeks you want to take a couple days off.  Which is what I did this week.  It was a bit of a bust of a week.

On the plus side? I ran 9 miles on Wednesday morning!  And we had really nice weather for it, avoiding a snow squall that happened just minutes after we finished running.  Beautiful running day...

Ahhh crazy snow squall!!

I feel like I am being a really pathetic blogger right now but even this I feel like I am writing just to force myself to write.  I guess discipline counts for something, right?  But I'm tired and I'm cranky and I have a headache probably from the ridiculous amounts of sugar I consumed today and perhaps the gluten in my body that I haven't had in months.

If I wasn't so tired and cranky I would tell you about the awesome article that Kimmy sent to me.  I would probably write about the funny scenario last night when the person I was out to eat with commented that I had "quite an appetite" when the meal I was consuming was really NOTHING for me to put down.  Or I would tell you about how I spent 30 minutes today trying to figure out how to track Weight Watchers points for mussels.

I would possibly tell you about how I have some awesome coworkers who are in town for the week that make me laugh a lot.  And who inspire me!  One of which is training for a half Ironman coming up.

I would likely tell you about how I am nervous for my run this weekend and my busy travel coming up, but that I'm excited that my mom is coming to visit me on Saturday.  Likely, I'd also let you know that I've eaten dinner out for every single meal this week and how I feel really gross.  Yet, this week I was also able to wear some clothing that I really haven't been able to wear in a while.  Some coworkers told me that I looked "fit" and "skinny" and I am starting to feel the effects of the work I've been putting in.  I'm also scared of regressing.

But, I am tired and I am cranky.  So I am just going to go to bed and leave this all for another day.

Happy Thursday and cheers to Friday and the end of the week!

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