Thursday, February 6, 2014

Full belly and full spirit.

Hey there friends, did everyone get themselves dug out from the snow today and able to get into work?  My alarm went off early and I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and to the gym this morning.  I did a solo workout as my friends all had evening plans at the gym, but it wasn't too bad once I actually get there.  I sometimes find that I push myself harder when I am working out alone.  I definitely like the encouragement and motivation and support of my friends but I'm not sure why I can go harder at times when I am alone.  Maybe because I don't want to let myself down?  Maybe because I am totally "in the zone" and don't have distractions?  I'm not entirely sure, but it is something I need to think about.

I had a super busy day at work, but it was a nice day nonetheless!  Maybe it was being caved up alone the whole day before, or maybe it was the delicious banana-strawberry-almond milk-protein powder-spinach smoothie I ate for breakfast but I had some pep in my step as I started the day.  Which hey, ain't a bad way to start the day!?

Lately I can't say how obsessed I have been with the smoothies.  They take me a long time to drink, keep me full, and are fun and feel like a treat.  My upstairs neighbors probably HATE me for using the blender at 5:00 a.m. in the morning to crush up frozen ice and banana, but they're delicious and I like making and eating them!

I tried to keep my Weight Watchers points low for the day because I knew I was going out to dinner and probably eating a high number of points later in the day.  I kept my lunchtime meal super nutrient packed and low in fat with some garlic quinoa and roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli I had packed with me.  And my snacks were heavy on the fresh fruits and vegetables.

However that didn't snag me from sneaking some chocolate, mints, and Gobstoppers from the various candy bowls throughout the office.  Seriously people, candy bowls should be illegal.  I just can't seem to stay away from them.  Ever.

Today one of my good friends who sits right next to me was out of the office for business travel.  She sent me a message around 11:00 a.m. asking how things were going in the office.  I said, "Pretty good.  I've only stolen 4 mints so far from the nearby candy bowls."  She laughed as she knows it's pretty average for me.  BUT, keeping with my February goal of tracking everything I eat, I have been writing it all down and counting the Weight Watchers points for the food I eat.

Tonight I had a hard time tracking exactly what I ate because I ate out for Moroccan food at Tara's Kitchen -- a restaurant I've written about before that is one of my favorites and totally delicious.  I got a tagine of eggplant, prunes, honey and chick peas that I ate with a side of rice.  Yummy!

After dinner my friend Jenna (who is no stranger to the blog) came over for what is now seemingly our bi-weekly night of catching up over a drink or two.  I think we both really value the time we spend together and work hard to fit it into our schedules without sacrificing the other things that are important to us as well... working out, sleep, friends, work, etc.  But tonight especially I remembered how great it is to just sit and talk over a glass of wine over deep issues about personal struggles, life, self motivation, fear, friendship, and work.  What makes those conversations so special is when they are with someone who you also know that you can also be a completely silly and ridiculous person with!

Tonight I am happy to be going to bed with a body both full in food, mind, and spirit, which is a good feeling.  The only other main thing going on with me that I wanted to write about tonight is my nerves for this weekend's run.  We have 15 miles on the agenda for Saturday morning and I am starting to feel really anxious about it.  I'm trying to work through why I am feeling so anxious in my mind a bit because I am not sure quite how to express it in words but if I figure it out, don't worry, you guys will be one of the firsts to know :)

Happy Thursday everyone and hope you have a great start to your Fridays.  I will be starting my Friday off with a 4 mile run and some coffee with friends -- sounds pretty great to me!

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