Monday, December 28, 2015

KC's Classic Burger Bar Review

Earlier this week while I was home in Rhode Island for the holidays, I was able to finally eat at a restaurant that I have been drooling over for months now, KC's Classic Burger Bar.

KC's Classic Burger Bar is a 50s diner in North Attleboro, Massachusetts that was opened by my childhood best friend (whose name happens to be Katie) this past summer.  Her family owned the local car dealership for many years and a lot of that classic old timey car feel can be found in this diner.  Even down to the big mural on the wall that features a big picture of her grandfather from the early days of the family car dealership.

Katie was more than just a best friend to me growing up, but her family was like a second family to mine. Her siblings I have known since the days they were born as my mom babysat them. I knew all of her cousins, aunts, uncles and extended family -- which wasn't hard since Katie's cousins were also my next door neighbors growing up.  Our families have vacationed together in the past and for many many years we were as close as can be.

Although we haven't stayed in touch over the years, their family means so much to me and since I heard about Katie opening the restaurant I have been anxious to try it!  The drool-worthy pictures of the burgers, fries, and spike milkshakes that I would see all over social media didn't hurt either.  Or the fact that they've been getting incredible reviews from friends, local news, and Boston-area food reviews.  They were even visited by the Phantom Gourmet not too long ago!

My mom, brother and I decided to go on Wednesday evening and as we made our way over and walked in the doors, walking in at the same exact time was Katie's younger sister. Come to find out her younger brother was there too and mom was on the way.  It was such a fun impromptu dinner (as we all decided to join tables and eat together) and the food was FANTASTIC.

I ordered the "Not Your Granny's Cadillac" Burger, which is actually an item that isn't on the menu, but that had been in a Boston burger competition earlier this summer.  I had been eyeing the "Cadillac Burger" on the menu and then when Katie's brother ordered the "Not Your Granny's Cadillac" -- I had to find out what that was and decided to follow the recommendation of a seasoned diner at the restaurant.

The burger was cooked really well, it looked and smelled amazing, held together well, and you'd better believe I finished every bite.  Never have I had a burger with apple slices on it, but it was amazing! And those sweet potato fries?  I'm not gonna lie, I was a little hesitant when I read that the sweet potato fries were dusted in cinnamon.  I usually don't like my sweet potatoes with cinnamon on them, as I prefer to eat them as a savory side and am not a fan of the sweetened sweet potatoes with marshmallow or sugar or anything.  However, they were perfect!  I traded half my sweet potato waffle fries for my brother's garlic french fries and those were incredible too.  And for that side of "baconnaise" -- I personally am not a mayonaisse person (I don't really eat any condiments... no ketchup or mustard) so I didn't eat it, but others at the table LOVED it and asked for a huge extra additional side of it to have with their fries.

And can we talk about that milkshake a minute?

This is their S'Mores spiked milkshake that is made with whipped cream vodka (I think), graham cracker crumbs, chocolate, and I don't even know what else but it was amazing. I could have drank that thing in a second, but I paced myself.  It was so, so good.  My mom was lucky that I let her have a sip!

Others at the table got everything from a plain cheeseburger (my mom) to a salad with the veggie burger on top and everyone was so happy with their meals.  Granted, we were basically dining with the owners - but I actually think that's a good sign, right?  They come in often to eat dinner there and there is something on the menu no matter what you are trying to find.  In addition to the spiked milkshakes there is also a full bar with a really reasonably priced beer menu.  My old next door neighbor and Katie's cousin works in the kitchen and is also growing some of the vegetables and seasonings to use in the food -- which is super cool and I love that!

The whole place was awesome, the service was great, and the food was amazing.  I chose to absolutely not go the healthy route, as I have been pretty much off the deep end lately. I stand by my choices because they were delicious and I am nothing if not a supportive friend :)  I loved the restaurant and also loved the impromptu get together catching up with good friends.  If anyone is in the Northern Rhode Island area, I definitely recommend a stop at KC's Classic Burger Bar.  You will be glad that you did!

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