Sunday, October 3, 2010

I've been "running" around this town on the corner...

So.... here are all of my race results off of the Websites. The Susan G. Komen race is the same route as the Freihofer's so it is interesting to compare those results. What I wrote here is exactly off of the Websites but I don't understand how they calculate the pace for these races. I did some math and it doesn't make sense to me.

The way that I figure it... my pace for the Susan Komen race was 11.12 minutes. I really tried to up my pace for the last mile. I finished the first mile at 13.38, factoring in that it took a bit to get across the start line. The time at mile 2 was 25.38, which keeps right at my 12 minute mile pace I usually figure for myself. I really pushed myself to pick up the speed, especially as the race course went downhill for mile 3 and the extra .2 .... finishing that last 1.2 miles in 11.46.

And there ya have it....

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K, 10/2/10
Chip time: 35.52 minutes
Time: 37.22 minutes
Pace: 12.02

GE Energy 5K, 9/9/10
Time: 36.24
Pace: 11.43

Firecracker 4 Mile Race, 7/4/10
Time: 49.16 minutes

Freihofer's 5K, 6/5/10
Chip time: 37.40 minutes
Actual time: 38.48 minutes
Pace 12:08

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  1. Katie you are doing such an amazing job with the running! I am so impressed. Maybe next year we can do the Susan G Komen together...Or you can run and I will follow behind with the walkers...more likely haha. Go Katie!