Sunday, May 4, 2014

10 Random Things I Thought You Should Know

[The majority of this post was written yesterday before I got all emo-y after my failure run.]

1.  The other day I stopped to get a coffee at the drive thru on the way to work.  As I was waiting to pull around to the window where you pay and pick up your coffee, I was playing on my phone.  I didn't drive forward the second that the car in front of me pulled forward and the lady behind me in her car yelled out her window at me to, "MOVE!"

I found it to be pretty annoying and wanted to shout something back but didn't.  I resisted.  I figured she was late for work or having a tough morning or something like that.  So instead, when I paid for my coffee, I told the lady at the drive thru to pay for whatever the lady behind me got as well.  It was just a coffee, so it didn't break the bank too much for me, but I hope the lady behind me smiled a tiny bit or had a little bit of a better day because of it!  Pay it forward, people.

2.  This week I had a meeting one day at work that I had scheduled with a lot of attendees going to it.  However, I was running late and had a few things I needed to get done before I went to that meeting, so I ended up being 5-10 minutes late for MY OWN meeting that I had scheduled.  I felt like a jerk, so what did I do?  I took my coworkers entire candy bowl and brought it to the meeting with me.  Because I figured they couldn't hate me that much if I brought candy, right?  And of course I don't keep my own candy bowl, because that stuff would be gone in a day.  So I brought a coworkers candy bowl to a meeting.


Which is why I had to go out on a lunch break to buy her a refill bag and a bonus bag of those Dove chocolates because I really wanted to try them, and again... I can't keep that stuff at my desk...

3.  You know how they say that girls who live together have their cycles sync up?  Well, I think the equivalent of that is girls who run together having their rotation of race shirts syncing up.  All three days this week on our runs -- which were Monday, Thursday, Friday -- Jess and I wore the same race shirts.  We were twinning all week!  Kind of freaky, right?

4.  This week everyone was posting that video of Emma Stone doing the lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon on Facebook and social media.  People seemed to think it was hysterical and really funny and that Emma did amazing at it.  Am I the only one who disagreed?  I didn't think that Emma did THAT great and I was so distracted by how skinny she is for the entire thing.  Seriously, she looked so frail.  She hasn't always been that thin, right?  Yeesh.

5.  I am finally caught up on Parenthood.  Is it possible to watch that show without crying??

6.  This week I literally had the #BestDayEver when I found out that the business I work for is now going to be supplying the power for all of the manufacturing of M&Ms in the country (kind of.)  I was having a normal day at work and then all of a sudden learned this and ran up and down the hallway at work telling everyone I could find and asking anyone who had known about it why they hadn't told me.  It seriously made my day and I was SO excited.

7.  Right after that happened I was offered the opportunity to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams this Sunday evening.  Legitimately CANNOT WAIT and am so excited.

8.  Last minute I changed some plans around and will be spending Thursday-Saturday with my two college best friends.  The times I am with them are usually non stop laugh fests and times that just make me happy and soothe my soul.  I am so glad that things are working out to be able to spend some time together and I cannot wait until we reunite!  It has been a LONG time since I've been with one of my friends and a LONGER time since we were together as a threesome.  FIVE DAYS!!!!!

Oh hey... senior year of college!
9.  This week I learned about and ordered Muscle Milk Light Cake Batter protein powder and it is literally blowing my world.  SO DELICIOUS!  I ordered it off of Amazon and you probably won't regret it if you order it yourself.  Yummmmmy smoothies!

10.  I have a flight in 7 hours!  Wheel's up, friends!  Next time I write will be from somewhere sunny :)

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