Monday, March 23, 2020

September Marathon Monday

It feels like a million years since I last posted but I wanted to come back and share some of what's happened in the past few months, weeks, days, heck - hours! For the past couple of weeks, every day feels like a week as the news cycle is moving so fast and we are living in a really weird, scary, unsettling time as the entire globe fights off a global pandemic. While I don't intend for this ever to be a news site or a historic timeline of what's happened in this crisis - I do want to document for my own memory. I feel like we are living in unprecedented times and I will be looking back on this period for years to come. I don't have anything really eloquent to say, so if you want to stop ready - that's fine with me!

Since I last posted, my target marathon, the Boston Marathon, which was supposed to be on April 20, 2020 - was postponed until September 15. And to be honest, I have slight reservations on whether or not that will happen. This race, as well as countless other events have been cancelled throughout the spring into the summer. Almost every major marathon and race has been cancelled. Major sports leagues have all been cancelled or pushed off their seasons. Colleges and schools have been cancelled. Concerts, movies, plays, etc. have all shut down across the country as states and cities work to stop people from gathering in groups and stop the spread of this infectious disease.

I have so many thoughts about what has been happening... some of them deep fears and concerns... some of them just observations. It would take me much more time and many more words to put together exactly what all those thoughts are, but for now and for this space, I will document how I feel as far as athletics and training goes. Even just writing out that one sentence though, I have to say it feels so trivial to even be writing about this because there is so many bigger concerns going on.

Needless to say, I am okay with the race being postponed. I had seen it coming for a few weeks prior and it ended up seeming to be inevitable. I am proud of the City of Boston and the B.A.A. for cancelling the race and excited that they are putting on the monumental task of working to reschedule it for a whole new Marathon Monday holiday in September.

I hope that we get to race this year but if I can't, I'll race it someday soon. I have already raised over $8000 for the Home Base Program and I will work to raise more money if that's what is needed. I am proud that I have been supporting such a wonderful organization and I always said getting to do the race would just be a cherry on top. What matters most to me will be having my grandfather there cheering me on, whenever that may be, and I am hoping we all make it through this period of time healthy and able to have that happen.


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