Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Exercise Streak Days 20-34

It's been a while guys.... let me catch you up.

Day 20, Tuesday December 15 - All the way back in the days of being in Atlanta, on this day I did a sprint workout.  I definitely want to keep mixing up spring workouts and tempo runs with my training and need to become more serious about it.  On this day, I loved the workout that I did and thought it was going to be too hard so I was proud of myself for finishing - although I didn't do any of the elevation that I was supposed to add to the treadmill.

Day 21, Wednesday December 16 - PM upper body workout, which was awesome. I really enjoyed this workout, but then messed up the rest of my evening by having to run from the gym back to work to get my laptop because I had forgotten it there.  (This feels like a million years ago, posting now, by the way!)

Day 22, Thursday December 17 - I had made plans to run with a friend in the morning, but the rain kept us indoors.  Without having someone to specifically meet, I was lazy getting out of bed and didn't make it to the gym in time to get an actual workout in.  So I ran 1 mile on the treadmill.

This is the part of my "exercise streak" that got a little messy...

Day 23, Friday December 18- I spent 11 hours in the car on Friday, leaving Atlanta at 6:30 a.m. and arriving in D.C. at 5:30 p.m.  When I got here I was exhausted, however, wanting to move.  We had plans to go out for a drink so I insisted we walk the 1 mile each way to and from the bar.  Workout? Two mile walk.

Day 24, Saturday December 19 - Another 8 hours in the car today.  I stretched for about 20 minutes while watching TV at my sisters.

Day 25, Sunday December 20 - Happy Birthday Nikki! Finally was in New Hampshire and was able to get my legs outdoors again on a 4 mile run. I was nervous about making the mistakes that got me injured earlier this year by running a hilly route after being really tight and sedentary for hours and hours. I was careful with my stride and felt good about the run I squeezed in!  I don't have any pictures from the run, but here is a cute pic with my niece and nephew.

Day 26, Monday December 21 & Day 27, Tuesday December 22 - Guys, I have to admit.  Even if the other days I somehow managed to sneak in something that I could excuse for a workout, on these days I didn't even try to fake it.  I was babysitting and hanging with my niece and nephew, which definitely kept me on my toes!  I tried to plan a run for Tuesday but unexpected rain had me change my plans.  These days - the streak was absolutely broken.

Day 28, Wednesday December 23 -  I laced up my running shoes for a 5K through my hometown up past my high school and back. I felt like I was running through Jello but my pace didn't end up being bad, a 9:15 pace. I left the music at home and ran just me and my sneaks (and my running watch) and although it felt like a struggle run, was super glad to get back out there.

It's funny, I saw this Instagram post the other day and it totally cracked me up.  It is 100% true that I get like this!!

Day 29, Thursday December 24 -  A tradition I have whenever I am home is to get in some exercising with my mama.  She is a spin class devotee and I have loved going to classes with her over the years, so I knew we needed to figure out when we could go together and Thursday morning was it.  In the past we've done Christmas Day spin classes, which I have always loved, especially when we can do a class with our favorite instructor (hi Chris!) but this year Christmas Eve would have to do.  It was a great workout and awesome to be back on the spin bike since I haven't spent much time there in a while!  I loved having some Christmas music in the playlist and I was sweating a ton by the end.  I proceeded to then replenish all the burnt calories with a bagel with butter and a sugary coffee.  But whatever.

Day 30, Friday December 25 - A three mile Christmas run throughout Cumberland!  I got up and out on the roads early, as I knew I wanted to get in some Christmas miles.  It felt good to be out early and the streets were quiet and calm.  It was also odd to run in such mild temperatures at Christmas! I logged 3 miles before returning home to eat cookies for breakfast.

Day 31, Saturday December 26 - Four mile walk with my mom!  I decided to trade in my run to get some exercise with my mom.  We walked from her place 2 miles down the road to the coffee shop.  We got coffees and meandered our way back home.  A run would have burned more calories, which is needed drastically right now, but a walk was able to give me some also much needed quality time with my mom.

Day 32, Sunday December 27 - Dancing?  Does dancing at a wedding count.  That's pretty much all I can manage to say I did for my health this Sunday. #Fail

Day 33, Monday December 28 - Monday was another car day for me and one that left me totally drained. I spent 6 hours in the car driving from New York City to D.C. and it was a painful drive.  I was tired, traffic was bad, and I felt like I needed to really think and concentrate on the road.  I was EXHAUSTED when I returned and didn't have the energy to even think about exercise.

Day 34, Tuesday December 29 - XTEND Barre class in D.C.!  As I mentioned, yesterday I drove down to D.C. from NYC where I was for a wedding on Sunday evening. E and I started the day by going to her regular studio for a really sweaty XTEND Barre class.  This was my first time trying this variation of Barre and I loved it.

I also was a bit horrified by what I saw all around me from the Barre studio mirrors. I have put on quite a bit of extra holiday fluff.  Which, I know I have  been feeling lately and it sort of came crashing around me when I looked in the mirrors this morning.  I know that I have the mental fortitude and ability to take it off once the new year happens and I get into a routine.  However, I am a bit nervous about doing it without Weight Watchers. It is going to be a new journey for me and I'm scared. But for now - I have two days left of this "streak" and I am hoping to do better than I did Sunday and Monday!


  1. "These days - the streak was absolutely broken." #italics

    HAHAHA, I love how you are so dramatic, KTB! Also, love the 2-day rest meme. Why do we feel like that?!?! Oh, no! I only worked out four days this week - GASP!

    Seriously though, I hear you on the "holiday fluff." I feel DISGUSTING. Can someone remind me of this feeling next year when I decide to indulge every 4.2 seconds? Need to hold myself accountable ASAP.

    1. I feel the same Kimmy... and I knew it going into this month, but destroyed myself anyways. Detox time!

  2. My streak ended too. One crazy, busy day and I didn't realize I forgot to exercise until the next day. Woops. Kudos to you for not throwing in the towel altogether!

  3. Your streak sounds fun! Love Xtend Barre but I haven't been going as much lately. I tried out Barre3 with my mother in law over the holidays and decided that I prefer Xtend's format. The order of things makes more sense to me, and I felt like there was more ballet-like movements. Happy New Year!