Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Winter weeks and lots of smiles

So, I mentioned last week that the eating healthy thing has been a challenge since the holiday season has brought a lot of busy times into my life.  I am going to keep working at it and remind myself not to throw away a whole week or a whole day if I make a single mistake.  But I'm also going to try and enjoy everything going on as well.  And I've had a really lot of mistakes lately so it would be too exhausting to be mad at myself all the time. The past two weeks were really fun and full of activities that I will share with you mostly in picture format.

For starters, last Tuesday night there was a holiday party for the Syracuse Alumni Club in Atlanta.

Wednesday night there was a going away party for my friend Sergio who is moving to New York City (tears!!) It was a lot of fun to have a big send off for him and I am going to have to refer him to all my New England Patriots fans in NYC!

I'll miss you, friend!

Friday night there was a holiday party for the running community in Atlanta.  It was such a good time!  My friend Mike put it on, who was one of my guests for Thanksgiving dinner and the instigator of my last minute decision to make mac and cheese.  He also ran Chicago Marathon and we hung out there.  He's been organizing group runs throughout Atlanta and starting a little movement called "RunFam."  His holiday party was all about bringing together ALL the Atlanta running groups for a big event to get everyone out of running sneakers, dressed up and having fun.  It was a blast and totally better than what I expected.  I am not a huge fan of getting dressed up fancy and I knew people were planning to go all out with how dressy they were.  I ended up feeling really comfortable and think I made a good choice with my outfit selection... sometimes I struggle! (Although Brick says I should have worn black shoes.)

After the party on Friday, we stopped by my friend's radio station where he hosts a late night show from 1:00-3:00 a.m.  This is WAY past my bedtime, but was still on an adrenaline rush from dancing all night so we went by the station and it was definitely a way cool way to spend those late hours.  We got to chat on the air, give relationship advice, take input from callers, and it was a cool experience.  My first time on live radio!  And in fact, if you want to read about it or listen to the podcast of the episode, it was written up on Black Vibes.  I'm pretty cool if I don't say so myself!

This past Saturday I watched Syracuse unfortunately, take a loss to Georgetown (grrr...) This was extremely disappointing as it was the second loss in a row.  However, I still have my wins over UCONN and Texas A&M this season to hang on to as bragging rights.  And I had a fun time watching the game.

Saturday evening was spent celebrating a friends birthday.  Because the party never stops.

And of course after Saturday comes Sunday, which meant a lot of time on the Beltline and outdoors in general and enjoying the amazing weather we have in Atlanta!  I walked through the Ponce City Market for the first time - which I am now obsessed with - and also ate a ton of food at Barcelona.  Which, happens to be a restaurant also located in Boston!

Monday I had a work dinner.  And tonight I had a work dinner.  And then in between those nights on Tuesday I went out to see something that I have been meaning to do since last night and checked out the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Holiday Lights in the Park.  It was super gorgeous and they served hot chocolate with alcohol in it, so how could you not love this experience?  I am a fireworks and Christmas lights nut so this event was pretty heavenly for me.  There was also an incredible DJ who played a remix of Taylor Swift and Nelly. No lie, it was amazing.  I loved this!

So, in between eating and exercising, I've been having a ton of fun.  I have a plethora of more events coming up these weeks so things will continue to be a nutty crazy lady in holiday paradise.  This time of year is energizing and exciting though!

Hope you're having a great week and happy hump day!

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