Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Exercise Streak 2015 Days 6-11

Hey guys, I am coming off of an awesomely fun weekend in Atlanta and fun week all around.  However, it was one with very little down time and frankly, I am wiped!  I am hoping to give you a little bit of an update on my exercise streak and then get to bed early tonight.  I loved everyone's positive reactions to the challenge and a few of you reached out that you're doing the same, or at least trying.

I'm glad that my activity at least has been high since my eating healthy has definitely been a challenge.  I don't want to make the holidays a reason to excuse poor eating choices because I know it is possible to avoid unexpected cupcakes and say no to ice cream and dessert when it is presented to you... I just haven't happened to make those choices this week!  But let's check in with my workouts, shall we?  At least I have something positive to report there.

Day 6, Tuesday December 1:  I started Tuesday with a 4 mile run.  I was supposed to meet some friends but they unfortunately overslept which made for a solo run on the beltline Tuesday morning.  It was a really enjoyable run and it was a comfortable 9:04 minute mile pace.  The weather was so warm in Atlanta though, I finished sweating as if it were the summertime!  When I got to the gym I did a 10-minute arm workout because I knew that the week would be tough to get in weight training.  I know 10 minutes isn't much but it is better than nothing!

Day 7, Wednesday December 2:  Wednesday was going to be another run day since some friends wanted to meet in the morning but when they cancelled I decided to go to the gym instead.  I reallly did not want to and was tempted to sleep in, but I forced myself out of bed and to join a High Intensity Interval Training class at the gym.

On the mornings that I run in the mornings, I go the gym afterwards and shower.  There is always the same group of ladies there who work out together in the mornings.  I always see them after class showering and getting ready in the mornings and we all talk and are friendly but I don't usually work out with them.  It was nice this morning to get to actually work out with them and it reminded me how challenging these classes are!  I feel like running has me in good shape and then some days I'm like WTF AM I DOING.

I didn't take any pictures from this workout so here is a picture of my gym I took from my car afterwards when I realized I hadn't taken any pics.

Day 8, Thursday December 3:  Thursday morning was even tougher to get out of bed but I made it happen since it was the last Thursday morning run for Movers and Pacers.  Even though this morning run was picking up momentum, the group decided to take it off the roster so it was the last official group morning run (which means I will still be meeting my friends in the mornings for runs though!)  It was a nice 3.5 mile run that felt a bit sluggish but picked up the pace as we went, finishing at about 9:43 minute mile pace average.

Day 9, Friday December 4: When I've gotten in all my workouts for the week, Friday is swim day!  I got myself out of bed, again a struggle, for the first full swim practice in a while where I haven't had to leave early for a meeting.  It was a fast and short workout and I felt good sprinting in the water.  I am hoping this commitment to going will help me out for the triathlon.  My goal isn't necessarily get faster with swimming but be able to do it with less effort so that I can save all my energy for the bike and run!  You don't get to see me in a bathing suit so here are the random clothes I wore over my suit to the gym in the morning.  I was still half asleep.

Day 10, Saturday December 5:  I started this day with a workout class at the gym, doing a circuit training class for an hour where you do all sorts of crazy exercises for a minute or so each before moving on.  It's got a huge following and I've done it before, I enjoyed it just as much this time!

I also extended my workout for a second part and tried out something I've been meaning to for a while at my gym - their rock climbing wall. It is outside the gym and they do free climbing on the weekends and I've never managed to do it.  The guy who runs that for the gym is the same guy who does the swim workouts, so I have been hearing about it for a while and wanting to try.  It was a nice day out so I finally decided to give it a shot.  It's always shocking how hard it is.  Well, maybe not shocking... it's climbing a wall... so I guess it's just hard.  But it is fun as well and a bit of an adrenaline rush!  A great way to switch things up and stuff get an awesome full body workout.  Not so great for the fingernails though.

Day 11, Sunday December 6: Sunday morning I pulled my running shoes back out for a 4-mile run on the Beltline in Atlanta followed by a few miles walking around as I showed some friends around the city.  It was a gorgeous day so I did not mind the outdoor time whatsoever!  I had lighter mileage than I usually do on the weekend but that's okay as I've got a bigger race coming up this coming weekend so I know it won't be too long of a break!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  More updates to come.  But for now... omg... a little bit of doing nothing time.  Happy Sunday!

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