Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Exercise Streak Days 12-19

Day 12, Monday December 7:  Last Monday I started the day as I have the past couple Mondays, which is by going to swim practice.  It has felt good to get into a routine and the Monday workouts are usually longer, which is fun to accomplish.  This Monday was a little crazy because I received an e-mail late night that I may have a phone call at 7:00 a.m.  I actually brought my phone out to the pool, had the coach let me know when it was 7 and hopped out to take the call, which I didn't end up having, and then hopped in and finished the whole workout.  I was really happy that I mustered the will power to finish the whole workout.

In the evening, I went to yoga class which was actually SO hard.  The yoga class I go to is sometimes a pretty relaxing class, which is what I really love about it.  In this class I was sweating and aching as the teacher really turned it up a notch!

Day 13, Tuesday December 8:  Tuesday started with some early morning miles with my morning running buddy Janet.  We met at Atlantic Station and ran the Movers and Pacers "old route" that we've done countless times and had great conversation the whole time.  Running and talking through the early mornings is something that has come to be so therapeutic for me over the years.  I still miss my mornings on the Hudson Mohawk from more than a year ago, but this Tuesday with Janet really made me happy for how far I've managed to come with making friends in Atlanta.  This morning run with Janet was just super special and fun for me.

Day 14, Wednesday December 9:  Morning 3-mile run with Janet, again!  I originally thought that Tuesday was Janet's last day before she was going to be heading back to California for the holidays, but when I learned on Tuesday that she actually had another day here, I thought, what the heck, let's do some more running!

I actually texted Janet from bed at 5:30ish AM saying, "You know if you didn't want to run this morning I would be okay with that." and she replied, "I am up and getting dressed." which forced me out of bed as well.  I was so thankful to have that push last Wednesday and it was another great morning run with Janet along the beltline this time before she really, really left for California!

Day 15, Thursday December 10:  Short 12-minute ab workout.

Day 16, Friday December 11: Swim class.

Day 17, Saturday December 12: Westside 10-Miler run through West Midtown!

Day 18, Sunday December 13: Another slacking day.  I was feeling tired from the race (and a late night) so I ended up doing another 12-minute ab workout at home and then some stretching.  I didn't drink wine while I did this one though!

Day 19, Monday December 14: Yoga!  I feel like a definite slacker after yesterday's lame workout and then sleeping through swim practice this morning.  Some days the little voice in my head comes up with really good excuses as to why I should sleep in.  This morning's voice told me I should skip swim because a) My knee hurt on Friday b) When it hits 2016 I will be in official training and my ability to skip a workout won't be allowed by me and c) I had been up late!

So I just made today a yoga day, which was fun since I had a friend in town who came with me to class.

I love when friends visit and they want to work out with me!

It's been a busy week and it is making it harder to keep this commitment than I thought.  My two days this week where I just did abs, I am a little disappointed in but I think it's okay.  I'm going to need to get creative in the coming few days but I am going to make it work!

Hope you all had a great Monday!

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