Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday parties and eating

A couple of years ago, I asked the question, "How many holiday parties are too many holiday parties?" and here I am in 2015 asking myself the same question.  Eating healthy in December, which was a mission I set out for myself, quickly has turned into "Binge eating my way through December" as most days I have been treating my body like a garbage disposal and fitting as much in as possible until I feel physically ill or need to unbutton my pants.  The scale is not my friend right now and is currently tucked away in a back drawer.

The holiday parties have been a challenge but mostly it's just been myself that is giving myself permission to eat this way.  "Everyone is doing it!" is something I feel like floats through my mind.  However, I don't think most people binge eat Hershey's kisses on their couches on a Sunday morning.  But alas, I am hanging in there.

I heard a really amazing quote the other day.  I will have to dig through the memory bank to remember where I heard this, but someone said, "You HAVE fat, you are not fat.  You HAVE fingernails too, but you are not fingernails."

My waistline on my pants is definitely feeling a bit more snug the past week or so but I think part of the problem is my lax approach to training as well.  I know that I am working out every day, but as you may have read, I have a few days in there that really were "rest" days, I'm not sure how much I can consider it a workout to do 12 minutes of abs while I watch TV with wine in my hand.

I love that the holidays bring people together though.  I've gotten to see so many friends these past few weeks and have had such a great time with all of them.  2015 brought some amazing people into my life and when I think back to last December I feel like I am in such a better place.  Last year at this time I was fighting with and feeling anxious about a coming breakup, I was unhappy at work, and I was unhappy with my body and struggling to get into a routine of exercising. This time this year, I have a family here in Atlanta that keeps me exercising, having fun, laughing, and drinking wine on the regular.

It was last December that I officially joined a gym in Atlanta and wasn't until the end of January that I even started training again.  If nothing else, I know I am in a good place going into 2016 and in much better shape than I was last year at this time.  Mentally.  Physically.  Emotionally.

My goals for 2016 are yet to be defined.  I know I want to get faster, I know I want to accomplish this half ironman thing.  And I know that I want to enter my 30th year feeling fitter and happier than I have ever in my life.  And despite the fact that last night I ate fried gouda cheese, fried green tomatoes, and fried chicken for dinner, I think I am well on my way to that goal.

Every year is a year of progress and a year of growth. I hate New Years Eve but I love the process of entering a new year, reflecting, and resetting when needed.  This years holiday parties have definitely added a number of extra pounds on my body.   But I'm taking deep breathes about that right now.

And granted, it's not all happiness and joy and holiday merriment all the time over here.  But I choose to use this blog as a place to write about the good things in life so that's what I will tell you about. I will say however, that I don't blame my eating lately just on the holiday parties.  I've also been extra hormonal.  Extra homesick.  Extra stresssed at work.  And extra busy.  All of which leads to extra calories being consumed on my part.  Binge eating when stressed and busy is a challenge for me.  I've also been struggling with the changes to Weight Watchers, which just went through a new program release.  And the last thing I want to do at this busy time of year is try to learn a whole new Weight Watchers system.

So, for now, I'm enjoying all the holiday gatherings.  I'm "allowing" myself to binge eat, although I probably shouldn't be.  And I am looking forward to the new year.  Hope you are enjoying yourself these weeks leading up to Christmas.

And if you celebrate Hannukah, like many of my friends do, I hope that you had a great Hannukah and enjoyed wonderful time with your family.  I am certainly looking forward to that myself.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Swim Bike Mom used the quote in a post the other day! That's where I read it, at least!

    And I feel you on the last weekend, office Christmas shebangs and whatnot...and cookies are just *so* delicious...