Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter & Marathon-ing!

So, before I get started writing, I have to confess that I am having a bad few days.  I have been having a hard time getting back on track eating wise since the marathon and since the month I traveled.  Last week I went back to counting Weight Watchers points but then I went home for the weekend and pretty much let myself go.  I didn't think about what I was eating and consumed way, way too many calories -- most of which were on food of ZERO value like candy and sweets.

I thought that once I got back to Albany I would be able to get back in the groove but I've still struggled today.  I just ate an entire chocolate Easter bunny filled with caramel and ate a ton of chocolate covered pretzels and yogurt covered pretzels from the bulk food section and enchiladas from Trader Joe's and then some shredded cheese right out of the bag.  I know that just those things aren't bad, but it's been a series of days.  I said that after the marathon and after traveling I would get back on track and then I said after Easter I would get back on track and ugh, now I'm struggling again.  It's really true that sugar is more addicting than cocaine.  It's insane.

Anyways, back on track with what I wanted to post about!  The Boston Marathon was yesterday!

I was SO looking forward to going to the race and just cheering and supporting all of the people conquering their own "Everest" on Marathon Monday in Boston. Despite growing up having always watched the Boston Marathon on TV, I have never actually been there in person to watch the race.  Yesterday was definitely the day to do it.

It was gorgeous.  It was the first race after last year's tragedy.  The runners were totally badass running this year's race and the "Boston Strong" message rang loud and clear all throughout Boston.  And I'm not going to lie, although I was just a spectator yesterday, it did feel pretty cool cheering on the runners knowing that I was one of them.  That I am a "marathoner" as well.

However, yesterday was not my day, it was THEIRS.  I first saw the elite runners pass, which was very cool, and cheered for a high school classmate of mine who is sponsored by the B.A.A. and finished in around 2:35!  Craziness!

I really enjoyed cheering on the runners who came by hours later though.  "My people." I tried to give them all of my energy and encouragement ringing my cowbell as loud as I could, cheering until my throat hurt, and giving out high fives whereever they seemed they were needed.

I knew how amazing it was when someone yelled out my name from my race bib so I tried to cheer for anyone by name that I could.  It was such a fun experience and I also got to see one of my coworkers run by, who had actually done a training run with us this winter - Jessica's Birthday Blizzard Half Marathon.  Go John, go!

All in all, the day in Boston was great.  There were definitely some annoyances with the security and access to areas like the finish.  However, I understand why they were doing it.  And although it was frustrating to not be able to get in to where my friends were cheering and watching at one point because access had been closed down, I tried not to let it bother me and appreciated the service that they were providing in making sure the race went smoothly.

There was inspiration every where you looked in Boston yesterday and it warmed my heart and made me excited for the races I have in store and for someday running Boston myself!  I love this city!

The rest of my weekend after I left you on Saturday night was great.  It included lots of family time with my mom, spin class on Sunday with amazing shout outs from the teacher about my marathon, celebrations at my grandmother's on Sunday, Boston-ness, a run along the river, and a stop at my dad's on Monday on the way home.  We had a big Easter dinner on Sunday, cleaned my grandmother out of her jelly bean's and enjoyed the sunny weather outside.  However, I left my family celebration a little bit earlier than usual on Sunday to head in to Boston and enjoy the Red Sox vs. Orioles game on Easter night.  It was an amazing come-from-behind win in the 9th inning by the Red Sox and a beautiful, fun evening with some of my best friends!

So with that recap of my Boston-filled weekend, I just want to answer a couple quick questions of yours before signing off for the night!  I realized from one of your comments that I never actually posted my marathon finish time!  I wanted to share that as well as my splits.

Now, I mentioned my A goal was to finish strong, B goal was under 5 hours and C goal was to finish as close to 4:30 as possible.  I was SUPER happy about my finish time of my first marathon at 4:37:25!  I have the following official splits via the Paris Marathon tracker.

And my Garmin mile by mile splits are below.  As you can see, mile 9-10 was when I was looking for Jess and Dani and then, I picked it up around mile 20ish with my "I will NOT hit a wall!" mindset!  Otherwise, I had a fairly consistent race!

And for those of you who want to follow me on Instagram, you can join the fun at @HungryTwenties!

Enjoy your weeks!


  1. YAY! Thanks Katelyn! And super congrats on your time! That is awesome! After sitting around with my friend and re-hashing our 5k from this weekend, we are tenatively planning on doing the Lake Tahoe 10k (they also have 3 marathons, a half, a 72 miler, an all night thing- it's a crazy race weekend in mid september) and have tentatively selected a 1/2 in Monument Valley (UT/AZ) in November. (The Forest Gump half). I've really wanted to race in the desert, and November didn't seem too hot! We're still doing 5k's or a little longer (4.25 trail run for example) every month. I've been trying to blog (on my other blog, I have two) but my phone keeps deleting my posts after I've written them. TORTURE! This was a great update, and HANG IN THERE. Runs for Cookies just posted a big ol' schpele today about the weight she's gained and the sugar issue too, so you're not alone. (And if you could see my My Fitness Pal app, you'd be horrified at the volume of candy I've had- 1,000 in JUST SNACKS?!)

    Boston Strong! :)

    1. The fact that you use me in the same comparison/sentence as Runs for Cookies feels like a compliment to me. Thank you! You should definitely try for a longer distance -- with training they are so doable & fun!