Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Olympics update -- Go USA!

FYI-- I have not watched or seen the results of Thursday's competition yet. However, I must offer some Olympics updates because one of my major points from a few days ago has been quickly changing tempo. And there has just been some crazy-awesome Olympics-ness going on. But let’s start here:

1.)  Team Lochte vs. Team Phelps? Yeah, so, call me a fair weather fan if you wish, but I’m back with Phelpsy. He has redeemed himself with me over the past few days with his heartbreaking finish in the 200M Butterfly and win in the 800 M Men’s relay. And as for Lochte… well, he just needs to stop.talking.always. And if he could go back in time and not talk, ever. That would be awesome too.

2.)  Fab Five, how are you so amazing!?!? I don’t think you are can be human and not have fallen in love with the tiny pocket-sized girls on the women’s gymnastics team (who, by the way, could still probably beat me in an arm-wrestling contest and then flip, tumble, and twist their way out of the room.) I love these girls so much and they seriously just KILLED it in the team competition. Gabby’s routine on the uneven bars? Amazing. Mikayla on the vault? Insane. And all those floor routines? So incredibly fun to watch. I’m obsessed with these cuties and so happy for their accomplishments. I did feel a little bad for the blubbering Russian chicks, but what are you gonna do? Someone has to lose.

3.)  Speaking of losing, Kerri & Misty lost their first set in the past, like, one million Olympic sets they’ve ever competed in. I mean, that sucks and all, but ladies, you are still freaking amazing. Hopefully that took a little pressure off, maybe? I love watching these two compete. They have some sort of insane instinct when it comes to volleyball and work together so seamlessly. It amazes and impresses me to watch.

4.)  Did you guys hear about the Chinese diver whose family didn’t want to distract her from training? So after she won the gold medal they told her that both her grandparents had passed away and that her mom had breast cancer. I mean, what?!? 

5.)  Am I the only one who thinks that archery shouldn’t reallllly be considered an Olympic sport? Archery is essentially glorified darts. Which is a bar game. Is there really skill involved in archery? Or is it just the person who has the most amount of time to just shoot arrows at a target over and over and over? Maybe they could be like the skeet shooters and have to shoot at things flying in the air? That would make it legit. But just shooting at a target I think is a bit underwhelming. Just sayin’.

6.)  How freaking cute was Nathan Adrian after he won last night? So cute, right?

7.)  I saw this little feature on how the horses for the equestrian events get to London. It was really pretty cool. I saw a preview for, but haven’t seen, another one on how the pole vaulter’s poles get there. I never realized the poles were specialized. And the horses! Do they get medals too? Things you never think about…

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