Friday, July 15, 2016

Training and up north visit

Hey everyone, I'm writing to you today from my lovely old home of Upstate New York, where I arrived yesterday to spend the next couple of days. I have been looking forward to this trip for so long as the last time I was in the Capital Region was last September! I can't even believe it's been that long and I've been missing my friends here so much.

This week, I was just anxiously awaiting the days to count down to make it up this way and so far it has been great. I'm already feeling a little challenged about fitting in all of the training that I need to do while I am here, but I am trying to stay focused and do the best I can with what I've got.

What threw me off was that this past week's training didn't go exactly according to plan, so I feel like I am missing even more of training than I originally imagined.

On Monday, I started the day with my Masters swim class, and then went to get in a bike ride in the evening but got rained out 30 minutes into it. On Tuesday I was supposed to do a 4 mile run, but was having a problem with a defective sneaker that I had just purchased and ended up only doing 3 with my trusty companion, Janet.

On Wednesday, because of some of my problems running, I switched my run into a swim, and although it felt amazing to swim, I felt a little guilty about it. [Side note: I was definitely feeling like I looked pretty strong when I walked into the pool to swim on Wednesday.]

Thursday was a rest day and then today on Friday, I did a 4 mile run in 90% humidity in NY (I can't escape it!!)

Aside from that, I am just happy to be in New York and seeing friends.  When I landed in Albany, I immediately jumped into a rental car and head to one of my favorite places for lunch, Ambition Cafe, on Jay Street in Schenectady to meet a friend. My lunch was so unattractive as I ordered a black bean patty on top of a salad with lots of salsa, but it was so delicious.

I then worked for the afternoon from my old campus, which happens to be the former Headquarters of my company. I joked on Instagram that this place is "GE Mecca" but it is sort of a little bit true. I can't help but get excited when I return to this place and see the "GE Exit" off the highway and the bright big letters of the "General Electric" sign that sits atop the main building on campus.

Following my work day, I head over to my friends Heidi & Dave's house, where we dined on homemade pizza and caught up about everything that's gone on over the past year and I played with their super cute baby. Some of you if you've been around long enough know that I stayed with Heidi and Dave when I was in the process of moving two years ago. And have been staying with them every time I come back to the Capital Region since - including spending a romantic New Years Eve as their third wheel.

Whenever I am here, I am always completely overwhelmed with how hospitable and welcoming they are to have me with them. Through Heidi's pregnancy and even with a young baby in the house, they make me feel so welcome, serve me delicious homemade and healthy foods, and we just have the best time sitting around talking and hanging out.

I ran Friday morning, worked throughout the day, and took a short break to play with Heidi and their babe before they head out of town for the weekend. I'm bummed we didn't get more time to hang out, but happy that we had more than none!!

I've got lots more fun planned throughout the next few days and more babies to hang out with, so you know it's going to be a good weekend. Hope you are all doing well with everything you've got going on!

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