Sunday, April 14, 2013

Running when you really don't want to.

"It is officially under 2 weeks until my half marathon and my new distance PR is 11 miles!"

I wrote this statement last night as a beginning to a new blog entry.  I thought the positive affirmations would help me out today.  At the end of the day today, that statement is only partly true.  Yes, it is officially under 2 weeks until my half marathon.  But no, my new distance PR is unfortunately not 11 miles.

My alarm was set this morning to wake up early and get my run before meeting friends for brunch at 1:00 p.m. (where I planned to stuff my face.)  But when I woke up I really was feeling rather lightheaded and nauseated.  I put on my running clothes... sneakers, heart rate monitor, iPod band, and everything.  But then ended up laying on the couch for a bit trying to drink water and eat some dry cereal to feel better and it just wasn't happening.  I ended up falling back asleep for a bit and woke up with not enough time to get my run in before brunch.

One of the things that I reallllly hate is taking off working out clothes once I've put them on without having worked out.  However, there just wasn't enough time to get my run in before brunch so I reluctantly took them off, showered, and got ready to meet my friends.  I was still up in the air about whether I should try to do my run later in the day or try to get it in on Monday.  The weather was supposed to be warmer on Monday and it seemed like a really good option.  I figured I'd see how things went at brunch.

When I got there, my stomach really wasn't feeling up to eating one of the big things on the menu.  And yes, this was a drinking brunch, and although the mimosas and beers were flowing, it wasn't something that even tempted me.  I ended up ordering a cup of tea and some brussel sprouts.  Seriously, I'm that cool.  It's a wonder I don't get more brunch invitations, right?!

After having a really nice time with my friends and talking about running with some new people, I left brunch feeling really motivated.  I thought about postponing the run until Monday and just going to see a movie in the afternoon today but to be honest, you want to know what really motivated me to go home and run after brunch?  YOU GUYS.

And I apologize for the blacked out names, but not everyone is as open as I am.  But, another way I tried to keep myself motivated for today was by writing this on my Facebook wall.  When I thought about skipping the run today, I thought about all the little pings I had gotten on my phone that day of people liking my status update-- 31 in total!  I thought about Sarah, who was also trying to get in 11 miles today and wanted me to report back to her.

Although none of these people would have cared if I had skipped the run.  I thought of them and of not wanting to disappoint them.  So I came home, changed into my running clothes, and headed out the door (despite the fact that my Garmin was completely out of juice... doh!)

I felt great for the first 4 miles.  I was really steady and feeling good.  Around 6 it started to get tough.  And at 7 I started walking.  I walked/ran for the next mile, upon which I really needed to get to a restroom.  After taking a short, totally necessary break at Dunkin Donuts, I headed back outside and just could not get back into the run.  I ran/walked for 2 more miles and at that point I was cold, sore, and just unable to get back into the groove.  At 10 miles I called it a day and ended my run.  I was totally out of gas and wiped at that point.  I was literally thinking of ways from mile 8-10 of getting myself home without having to actually move my body.  Could I hail a cab?  Could I stop at a friend's house?  Should I just duck into a building and call someone to come get me?  Ugh.  I was done!

When I thought about running a half marathon on April 27th, I thought that I would have warm mid-60s, sunny weather to do my long runs in.  The kind of days you just want to spend outside because it's so nice.  However, these mid-40s long, windy runs are hurting me.  I know others may not think mid-40s is that cold for a run.  Some might think it's a perfect temperature.  But not me.  I like to run outside when it's warm.  When it is mid-40s, windy, and gray I just want to be on the couch under blankets.

Which is, in fact, how I spent the rest of my day after I got home from those 10 miles!

I'm disappointed I didn't do 11 but proud of myself for getting out there and running even when I really didn't want to.  Next weekend is a 12-miler (fingers crossed on nice weather) and the weekend after that is race weekend!!!!  Ahhh!!!

Happy Sunday everyone.  If you're a procrastinator like me, good luck to those of you working on your taxes tonight, haha  And NO, I am not doing mine right now.  I was good this year and didn't wait until the day before they are due.  I actually did them yesterday.  This is what we call progress, people :)

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  1. Ahh I lol-ed at the blacked out name. Thank you for the privacy restriction :)

    On a happier note, you're going to be just fine - everyone has bad runs, and it's better to get it out of the way now. At least you still got miles in. That's really all that matters.

    Home stretch!