Monday, April 1, 2013

Self made circuit workout & room service steak

Today marks the first day that I have actually made up a workout for myself in the gym that has really gotten my heart going and I know I will be sore from tomorrow.  As I mentioned previously, I loved the boot camp workout that I used to attend but have been trying to find a more affordable, long term alternative.

I learned a lot from the class and have wanted to try putting together my own workout.  Today also marks the first day of my workouts on the road, so I am happy to prove to myself that these two things can overlap! 

Decked in my new workout top that came in my Easter basket (thanks Bunny!) I hit up the hotel gym for a workout that included squats, alligators, sit ups, curls, overhead presses, and Russian twists.

I haven't done squats in months and I already can tell that my legs are going to be tight in the morning!  I'm actually really excited to have that feeling again as I've missed it for a little while.  I'm excited to try putting together my own circuit workouts and seeing how much I can really push myself.

Once I feel comfortable enough too, I will share what I am doing in case it is something you might want to try.  For dinner I ordered some room service and caught up on work.  Steak atop a mushroom and white bean ragout and roasted asparagus.  The steak was quite fatty so I ate around that a lot but the mushroom and white beans were delicious!  This is definitely something I would like to try and recreate at home someday.

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