Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eating good in Dallas and a "birthday" celebration!

Hey everyone, so I'm back in action and up and on the go at home after a great trip in Texas.  Well if "on the go" consists of being a hermit in my apartment with YouTube, Big Bang Theory, and microwave popcorn.  It's a pretty thrilling existence.

Dallas was great -- I just wish the weather had been a bit nicer!  And/or that I had been able to spend any time outdoors!  A few pictures from my trip are below.  I ate some delicious steaks.  Some out of this world Tex Mex.  And had an all around successful and happy trip!  Oh yeah and despite it being nowhere close to my birthday, my co-workers decided to "celebrate" it one of the nights out.  It was somewhat embarrassing but I'll tell ya... since it involved a rose, a card, and some free dessert... I won't say I hated it!

A rainy flight to Dallas
Kansas City steak with chipotle butter
Happy "birthday" to me :)
My birthday celebration.
Half a bagel buttered for breakfast.  Delicious.
I just thought these tiny knives were hysterical. Whatever happened to things being bigger in Texas?
Chili lime salad.

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