Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thank you.

Beyond thankful and appreciative. There are so many hugs I wish I could give right now. To all of my friends and family, who just feel too far away right now. To all of our Boston police, fire fighters, medical workers, National Guard, and all of the FBI and personnel from neighboring towns who assisted. To all of those recovering from injury from the attacks over the past week. To all of the family members of those who have passed. Hugs to all of the runners who were unable to finish, or whose race will forever be tainted by these events. To the victims of the explosions in Texas this week, whose story has seemed less dramatic or sexy, and has received less nationwide attention and support, yet whose suffering and pain is just as real.

And yes, even a hug to 19-year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaec. For whom I wonder, what happened in your life to bring you here? What pain must you have felt to make this seem like a viable route? He doesn't seem like other "terrorists" we have come to know or identify in our lives. He was not brave and bold, acting with pride and determination for a cause. He was cowardly, scared, desperate, and foolish. Running over his own brother to get away and hiding out wounded in a boat. Acting as he truly is- a child. I would give him a hug. Ask him why? Let him know it didn't have to be this way. And then bring his ass to justice for the pain and damage and heartache and suffering his heartless and childish behavior has caused.

There are just too many people I want to hug and hold close to me right now it would be impossible to even try. But an enormous thank you is owed. For the bravery we've seen in our police and armed forces today and every day. You are forever in our nation's debt.

And for everyone involved, you will be in my thoughts and prayers and it will be in your honor I finish my next week of training and run my first half marathon this week. Your bravery and determination inspires me.

Thank you, and sleep well tonight Boston.

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