Saturday, April 20, 2013

My final long run of 12 miles... COMPLETE!

You guys, my legs are so tired.

I had a lot going through my mind today while I set out to do my run.  It's exactly one week until my race and today was my last long run.  The training plan I had told me to do 12 miles but I was a little nervous to push myself that hard the week right before my race.  I decided to go as far as I could and get the distance in if nothing else.  And get it out.  Woohoo!

I woke up to a sunny day which made me really excited and I tested out some new morning eats, put on a new pair of running pants I was thinking of trying for the race, hydrated, laced up, and went out to run.  As soon as I stepped outside, I realized it was chillier than I thought and contemplated going back for a pair of gloves, but figured I'd warm up once I got moving.  A lot of times if I start running with gloves, I end up carrying them by the end.  However, almost immediately once I started running, the sun began to disappear and the wind made it even chillier on the times that I was running against it, not with it.  However, I kept going.

I thought about everything that happened this week in Boston.  I visualized myself running in Nashville one week from today (!!!)  I pictured myself running the race and seeing family and friends along the sidelines cheering for me.  Which, as a side note, actually made me tear up during my run.  I pushed myself to explore new roads, trying to find a little pond that I've seen on maps (which I did!).  I thought of all my past long runs and all that I've put into those.  And I thought about what I wrote about the other day, that you play like you practice.  I also thought of what I've accomplished in the past.  My first 5K.  My first 10K.  My first sprint triathlon.  All of these things that I never thought I could do, and how pretty soon, a half marathon is going to be something else on that list.

There were quite a few points in my run that I wanted to quit.  I remembered my run from Sunday though, and how walking when I am not near my house is NOT a good thing, as I'll get too cold and just be miserable.  Guys, my hands were so cold during my run.  I had put my iPod on a complete shuffle of all the songs, to see if something fun would pop up that I should add to my race mix.  And thinking I'd skip the slower/non-running songs.  However, my fingers were too numb to be able to double click my little controller on my headphones.  I could barely get out my shot block to eat at mile 6.  I was numb.

At 9 miles, I was in pain and really wanted some water and some gloves.  I worked my way back to my apartment and ran until I had the 9 mile mark then darted into my apartment.  Well, "darted" isn't the best word, as my fingers were so numb I could barely get the keys into the lock to open my door.  But I went inside, grabbed a coat, a pair of gloves (again, could barely even work my fingers into the gloves to put them on), drank some water, and grabbed a water bottle.  I also knew from my run last Sunday if I went in for too long, I'd get too warm and it would be hard to get back going.  I went immediately back outside and walked mile 10 and then forced my legs to run the final 2 miles of my goal of 12 miles.

So yes, I walked a mile.  But I did 12!  Running 11 miles!  And I'm looking forward to hopefully running in warmer weather next Saturday.  These long runs in chilly, windy weather have just been hard for me.  The weather here was 45-50 today during my run.  Here is the weather report currently in Nashville:

Anyways, I'm finally feeling a bit warmer after spending a couple hours indoors, have been eating and drinking, and am ready for the rest of the day.  This recovery has been SO MUCH better than my 10 mile run or my attempt at an 11 mile run.  I think it has to do with what I ate.  I had been recommended these Sport Beans, which I think is just too much caffeine for my system at once.

Especially since I've given up a lot of my "regular" caffeine that I'd get in coffee and Diet Soda (10 days soda free!!) This run I tried these Shot Bloks which were a lot better for me!  I didn't feel sick at all.

This will definitely be what I am using for race day fuel!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Saturday.  I've got some fun stuff planned, and also some pampering as well.  Tomorrow I'll be doing a mineral bath and massage.  Woohoo!  I think I deserve it, and frankly, that's all that matters :)  Enjoy the weekend and hug your loved ones. XOXO.

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