Saturday, April 6, 2013

2013 Final Four Drinking Game: Syracuse Edition!

Effective as soon as coverage of the 2013 Syracuse vs. Michigan Final Four basketball games starts.

Drink when...
  • Syracuse hits a 3-point shot
  • Syracuse slam dunks
  • Syracuse hits a foul shot
  • The Orange steals the ball/Michigan turns it over
  • Michigan misses a foul shot
  • Boeheim rests his chin on his hand
  • The camera shows Boeheim yelling
  • The camera does a close up on Otto
  • The announcers mention...
    • Syracuse's 2-3 zone
    • 2003 NCAA win
    • The "sanctions" against Syracuse
    • Boeheim's 900 wins

Hand out a drink when...
  • You are the first in your group to recognize and name a Syracuse alum in the stands!

Let's Go Syracuse!!!

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