Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Moving on, eating with friends, and running

There is something just amazing about those friends in your life that you can talk with about everything from dating and guys to global politics and health care.  Last night and tonight I've had "media free" nights, which has been just what I needed.

Yesterday I spent the night with my friend Dani, who you saw run the NYC half marathon earlier this year, and tonight I went for a run.  Both things were exactly what I needed.  Dani prepared a delicious meal for us and we chatted for hours about pretty much everything.  Tell me that this doesn't look delightful, am I right?

For the first time ever tonight when I went for my run, I left my music at home-- on purpose.  I wanted a clear head to just listen to the sounds of my feet on the ground, of my breathe, and of the world around me.  I wanted my run to be just about running.

It was a good feeling and I clocked the 3 miles that I had scheduled for today.  I also tried to push myself to run a little bit faster than I usually do at the end of my run.  My splits looked like this:

Which, is definitely faster than I've been going on my longer runs, but not the fastest I've ever run.  I'm looking forward to completing this half marathon and working on other goals for myself.  I would love to run faster.  I would love to get more into strength training again.  I would love to do another sprint triathlon.  As silly as it may be for others, these 13.1 miles have really taken up so much of my mental energy as I've prepared it's been hard for me to focus on other things.

Here is the calendar I have hanging in my cube that I've been using to track my training.  There is blood, sweat, and tears along that road, people!

I cannot believe how close I am to getting to race day!  I'm starting to prepare food plans for the next week, music for the race and for traveling, and outfit choices.  I've got lots to consider!  I laugh at myself when I think of all this hyper-planning I am doing in comparison to Dani's laid back ways when I just went to NYC for her half marathon.  She was so easygoing about the whole thing and I'm already a crazy person and we're a week and a half out.

I'm avoiding alcohol until the race and doing my best to eat healthy and fresh foods.  Which, I've been eating a lot of oranges lately, as I've mentioned.  But can I get some advice here?  Does this orange not have abnormally thick skin?  I ate this at my desk the other day and it was a nightmare to peel.  I am new to oranges so I don't know if I'm just a wimp or not.  But this is by far the thickest skinned orange I've ever seen.  And yes, I called a coworker over to check.  She didn't really confirm for me.  Just laughed at me.  So I take my question to you.  Is this orange extra-thick??

And with that, I will call it a night.  Hope you are having the best week you can and keeping positive.  Channel your feelings into energy that you use to accomplish the goals that you have for yourself.  That's what I am trying. #milesforBoston #xoxo

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  1. Yes, that is a thick-skinned orange :) Just came across your blog from another and I like it.