Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy belated Earth Day!

Hello there internet friends, I hope you are doing well out there!  I wanted to write a quick "Happy Earth Day" to everyone out there as it was something I didn't write about yesterday.  I got home and was pretty tired so I opted to post an entry I hadn't had a chance to from the week before, rather than write something new.

Earth Day is something that has become more meaningful to me over the years, and much of that is influenced by my job.  I am lucky enough to work somewhere that makes every day like Earth Day!  As most people probably know, I have been working for a renewable energy company for the past year, and it has been an incredible experience for me professionally and personally to learn more about the green side of the world.  There are some great people in this business and I've had some AMAZING experiences.  Such as this one, where last September I climbed a wind turbine out in Sweetwater, Texas!

It was such an insanely cool experience that I would love to repeat someday.  Anyways, yesterday, on Earth Day, we had a green living fair for employees where people could recycle electronics, plant seeds, learn about composting, cooking with fresh herbs, gardening, recycling at work, etc.  And it is at this fair that I learned a lot about, and signed up for, something that has been right along with my recent goals, healthy living plans... I signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)! I am now about 1/500th owner of a local farm and from about July-October I should be getting 5 pounds of fresh, local, organic vegetables delivered to me at work every week!  I am excited because it helps me with my goal of wanting to eat organic, will force me to eat lots of veggies, and experiment with new foods, recipes!  Another one of the other really cool things about the CSA is that on the weekends you can go and "pick your own" beans, herbs, etc. which I think will be so fun!

So yeah, I hope that you had a great Earth Day and did something positive to impact the environment/world around you.  Even if it is making a pledge to carpool more, use less disposable silverware, cut back on plastic water bottles, or at least refill them a few times and use them over and over.... find something that you can do to make this world a little bit of a better place and try to fit it into your routine!

Today I had a really great day as well.  I ran 3 miles over lunch, which is the most I will be running before Saturday.  Tomorrow and Thursday I actually have only two miles to do each day!  I'm looking forward to fully using this time to rest and stretch.  I have been feeling some pain at times in my right hip/butt area when I run and I really want to keep that stretched over the next few days.

After work I met a friend for dinner at Tara's Kitchen, a fantastic local Moroccan restaurant.  When you eat there, you feel like you are really having a family dinner with the people that work there, sometimes other guests, etc.  I love that feel and I love the food there.  From the moment that you walk in and are brought green tea with mint and honey, you feel like you are somewhere special.  The menu is filled with incredible flavors and combinations that I've never had before and after trying a number of different things, I have yet to find something that I don't think is delicious.

Tonight my friend and I split some pita with spicy harissa, potato pancakes with mixed vegetables, and lamb kebabs as appetizers.  Followed by a tagine, or stew-type dish, of eggplant with prunes, honey, and chick peas.  This comes served with pita and some rice.

Excuse my half eaten meal... I forgot to take a picture right away, woops.  Oh, and by the way, did I mention that they have the most AMAZING baklava?  Yeah, I definitely brought a piece home with me for dessert.  I ate half tonight and have the other half waiting for me for tomorrow.  Yum!  Cannot wait!

You know, I used to be of the mindset that if I was eating something bad for me, I should eat it all in one serving.  That way it would just be out of the way and I wouldn't eat bad food two days in a row.  For that reason I have often avoided taking home leftovers or made stupid choices such as eating all of my Easter candy within a week, okay fine, a day, so that I could go back to being "healthy."

I'm starting to realize that healthy is eating in moderation and listening to your body.  I really didn't need or wasn't craving a giant piece of baklava after my meal.  But a little piece along with a cup of tea when I got home was a perfect way to end the evening!  And yeah, baklava is pretty sweet and not an every day thing.  But knowing what I now know from reading this book The Happiness Diet, I feel so much better (mentally but also physically!) about eating a piece of fresh baklava with butter, honey, and nuts then anything processed that I could have/would have normally eaten as a dessert.

Tonight's meal out was really, really nice.  I can't tell you how much energy and positivity it brings into my week to mix things up by having dinner with a good friend.  It was so good to see my friend Andrea, and the sweetheart, brought me a good luck gift for my race this weekend!!  Check out these adorable and fun goodies Andrea brought me.  She is so sweet and knows me well :)

A couple things I am super excited about from here?  This book.

And this sticker.

I freaking LOVE that sticker and can't wait until it is true and I complete the 13.1 miles and earn this thing!! I seriously love it and it couldn't be more perfect.

And the framed picture Andrea gave me?  Yeah, it's already up on the wall :)

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I hope that you are feeling positive this week.  I'm doing my best to keep positive but must admit I am getting a bit nervous about the weather in Nashville.  Weather forecasts predict thunderstorms!!  Ugh.  As my mom pointed out to me this morning, apparently competing in races is storms is my thing (aka my first 10K and my first sprint triathlon.)  I realllllly hope that this isn't the case for this weekend!  Cross your fingers for me please!

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