Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Making new memories and being real.

In just a few short hours I'll be heading out of town for work to San Diego.  I don't know if you guys do what I do, but I think it is pretty normal to think of the memories you have in certain locations and in certain cities.  The only other time I have been to San Diego, although it is a beautiful city, I have some pretty terrible memories associated with it.  The last time I was in San Diego I spent a full night sobbing on the floor of the bathroom where I was saying.  I had my heart broken when I was in vacation there and that's what I associate the city with.  That trip and the heartache that came with it.  I'm really looking forward to making some new memories in San Diego.

This past weekend when I was in Syracuse I was excited to make new memories as well.  Although I've got ENDLESS memories from my 4 years at school at Cuse, the last time I was there was when I went to a game with an ex, so I am glad to have made a newer basketball game memory.

I had such a fun weekend with one of my old roommates and close friends, Kimmy, cheering on Syracuse basketball against UNC, hanging in our old stomping grounds, and as I presumed, making some bad decisions.  No, not crazy, in danger, bad decisions, just having a drink or two too many and indulging in some poor eating.

There are so many delicious, yet bad for you, places to eat in Syracuse, maybe most infamously Dinosaur BBQ -- which is exactly where we ate on Sunday for lunch. 

But let me step back a minute.  I was supposed to do my run on Saturday morning, but I slept a little later than I wanted.  So I needed to run on Sunday.  I originally said I was going to run around campus, like "old times sake" on Sunday morning.  But then I drank a little more than I wanted on Saturday.  So on Sunday, for lunch, still needing to run 7 miles later in the day, I went to Dinosaur BBQ.  Smart move, Katelyn, smart move. 

Man, it was delicious though.

And I still did get my 7 mile run in later in the day Sunday!  So you're probably assuming that I had a nice healthy meal after that to make up for the pulled pork and wings and 1/4 of a chicken I ate for lunch?  Well, no, not really.  This happened.

Happy dinner to me.

And today, I didn't run in the morning because my legs were feeling really tired and my regular group wasn't able to meet so I took a running rest day (the plan is to run tomorrow when I am in San Diego... which... sounds a heck of a lot better, I must say.)  My shins were actually really bothering me for the past 24 hours so I went to the gym during lunch but just stretched out my legs, which actually helped a ton and left me feeling a lot better.  

Following the stretching session, I had Dinosaur BBQ leftovers for lunch and some rice cakes.  And later in the afternoon I had a snack of some Hershey's kisses and a bag of Cape Cod potato chips from the vending machine.  I can't even tell you the last time that I bought food out of the vending machine, but I somehow thought it was a good choice today.

Oh and those Hershey's kisses?  That is not my candy bowl.  That is not my desk.  Yet, I am there at least once a day grabbing some.

In the evening, I did actually get a fitness session in.  I went to a Nia class for the first time and I'll have to write about it more in the future because I absolutely loved it.  Anyways though, my evening food choices weren't too much better as I shoveled popcorn into my face, ate a bar, and a Trader Joe's salad.  And this is after, I will admit, I felt pretty self conscious about myself and my weight throughout the Nia class because some of the other people in the class were so incredibly fit and thin and I was jealous and wished I could look like them.  Then I went and binge ate.  I will however say that one positive choice I made was not to buy the chocolate covered almonds I wanted to at TJ's. So there's that.

Post Nia and eating, I had to pack for the flight that I have that is about 6 hours from now.  I had a slight panic attack when I was doing that because I had one, "Oh crap I have gained weight into the danger zone" moments as I was trying on clothes and nothing fit like it should have.  I literally had to RIP a skirt of mine to get it off of me when the zipper stuck after I'd squeezed it up.

Now, normally when I have days like this, I don't always write on the blog.  Because it's supposed to be about healthy living and yada yada yada.  However, I did get some positive response from my post last week on "Being Real" and almost ironically, Real Simple magazine, put out a social media challenge this week to "be real" and use the hashtag #RSgetreal.

So I decided that this week I will write about my choices -- good or bad -- and keep it real.  Whether or not that is healthy... who knows... I am traveling and that can cause anxiety for me and when I am anxious I eat.  Although, to be fair, just the plane part makes me anxious.  Then, I eat when I travel because there is lots of delicious food in restaurants and I don't get to eat at San Diego restaurants all that often, so I want to indulge.

Anyways, I have a flight in 6 hours so I should probably get some sleep.  Happy realness to you, my friends.  Don't abandon me now that you learn about my unhealthy choices.

Oh, and in the sake of the #RSgetreal promotion, so many of these stories and pictures would have NEVER made it to the blog in a regular post.  I would never have told you about how the last time I went to San Diego, I cried on the bathroom floor.  I never would have told you that I ditched my run on Saturday morning and this morning (to be made up at a later time... I probably would have pretended that was always the schedule...) The solo picture of me wouldn't have gone up because I feel like I look fat.  The first picture of Kim and I only did get posted to Instagram because I purposely cropped 1/2 my arm out (looked fat...) and the 2nd picture of Kim and I would have never gone up because you can clearly see the big zit on my forehead.  The picture of the wings wouldn't have gone up because I wouldn't have wanted you to know that I not only ordered a big unhealthy meal, but I also ordered wings and ate them all.  The picture of my leftovers wouldn't have gone up because that's just gross.  And the ice cream wouldn't have gone up because it is so embarrassingly large.  I'll finish off with another picture I wouldn't have posted because I think I look fat.  Time to get over this fear!!  AND, maybe stop eating so much?

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