Sunday, March 3, 2013

Catching up -- it's March everyone!

Can you believe that it is March already?  It feels like this year is flying by!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to take on the week to come.  I had a really nice time this weekend catching up with friends over drinks on Friday night, eating some delicious Persian food on Saturday night, and celebrating a friend's birthday.

One of the highlights for the weekend for me was being invited over to my friends' home for a home-cooked Persian meal.  If you have been reading along on this blog for a few years now, you might remember that I used to have a Persian roommate who introduced me to some amazing new flavors and foods.  I even tried my own hand at cooking a Persian meal.  Since we've gone our separate ways, I've been in withdrawal of some of the meals!  Luckily, I have more friends skilled in the art of Persian cooking.

Saturday night I was able to enjoy some delicious "khoresht karafs" -- or celery stew.  This is a dish I've had many times before courtesy of my former roommate, and it is really delicious, so I was so excited!  The stew is served with basmati rice, that you make a crispy crust on called the "tadig."  The tadig is so delicious and something that everyone at the table usually fights for.  This particular friend makes it by adding a very thin slice of potato at the bottom of the rice.  Seeing grown adults argue over who gets more tadig, I can imagine it makes for some serious debates amongst children in Iran around the dinner table!

After this yummy meal and great quality time with friends on Saturday, I met a group out for a different friend/co-worker's birthday.  She has such a fun, silly group of friends, it was really fun to meet new people and have a good time!  I got into a conversation with one guy about how he is trying to start a healthy eating regime and has been having grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and brown rice for dinner every single night.  I started a discussion with him about how you can be healthy but eat more diverse than that!  And it made me want to get committed to being healthier myself.

I know I say that on and off but I plan to share more about what I am eating on here as well and hopefully some recipes.  What this blog was originally supposed to be about in the first place :)

So without further ado, I will share tonight's dinner.  It was a grilled chipotle lime chicken burger (courtesy of Trader Joe's) with a whole wheat english muffin bun, some roasted sweet onions on it, a bit of hummus, and a side of roasted sweet potatoes.

It was delicious and very filling!  I wish in retrospect, I'd had something green on the side rather than a starchy potato, since I was having carbs in the form of an english muffin.  However, there is always tomorrow night!  I was starving after my run today so this meal and dessert definitely hit the spot.  And although this may not seem like a victory to others, I successfully only at

Speaking of which... I was supposed to get in a 7 mile run today but all I could manage was 4.5.  It's been over a week since I've run and I guess it goes to show me that I cannot skip my midweek runs!  I was a bit disappointed but proud of myself for still getting to the gym and doing anything today because after going out last night, it was not something that came easy today.

I hope that everyone has a great week.  At Trader Joe's today I also bought myself some flowers to help bring in this March-feeling and hopefully will the spring to come quicker.  It's also just nice to see flowers every day in your home.  Who says you need a guy to buy you flowers?  Get them for yourselves!

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