Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mid week workout update!

Hey everyone, hope you are all having a good week!  I had a busy Tuesday today at work, but managed to get over to the gym during lunch.  I ran my 3 miles that I had on my training schedule and did them outside.  Following Saturday's run, I've realized I just need to get outside and do my runs there.  I'm also loving my Garmin Forerunner!  I'm a little bummed to see I am running so slowly outside and definitely want to try to boost that over the weeks leading up to the half marathon.  I've never timed myself during training runs, I usually know my times just from timed 5K races, which have a different motivating factor.  So we'll see what I can do on my own.

After running I attended a bootcamp style interval training class at the gym at work that lasts 30 minutes.  It's called Tri-fit and I've attended the class a few times now and it is a great little blast of a work out!

I am really going to do my best to attend this class, as well as a Thursday lunch time interval training class that the gym offers as much as possible.  Since I made the decision to stop attending the boot camp class that I loved so much, I have been a little bummed and missing the work outs for sure.  More unsettling is that I can really see where my body is losing muscle and tone from not having that strength training.

So why did I stop?  Well, they moved to a new location that was really inconvenient and difficult for me and it was also very, very expensive.  I had never originally joined the program to have it be a long term thing and after I realized I had been attending for a year and a half... and also paying for a membership at the local pool.. and also for a membership for the gym at work... I just knew I needed to cut something.  Since fitness and health is something that I want to be a part of my life forever, I thought it might make more sense to learn a little bit about strength training myself and find a less expensive way to replace boot camp.

I'm in definite need of a weight training for Dummies book or something, but I'm starting to do a lot of research and learn what I can.  In the mean time, Tri-Fit will definitely be a part of my routine!

This evening, I treated myself... or rather, my brother treated me... to a massage!  For a late birthday present my brother gave me a gift certificate to Spafinder and tonight I redeemed that gift certificate and got an amazing massage from Anthony at Complexions on Wolf Road in Albany.

I like a lot of pressure in my massages and Anthony did an awesome job, relaxing me, but also working out a ton of the knots and kinks that have built up in my muscles from running and sitting at a desk all day.

Complexions is a great spa and one of the things I love about going there is their "relaxation room."  I was able to hang out for a bit in this cozy room before my massage, in a super comfy bathrobe.  I sipped on fresh strawberry water and indulged in a cookie, or two, or three, while I waited.

Guys, I totally did not mean to eat 3 of these cookies but there is something freaky and magical about them.  They are the best chocolate chip cookies ever. They are the perfect amount of soft in the center with a harder outside. They are the exact perfect temperature where the cookie holds up but the chocolate is gooey in the chips.  I seriously don't know how they do it but it is almost worth it to pay the money for a massage and just get a couple of these cookies.  I loved them!

One more thing... my beautiful friend Lauren whose birthday just passed celebrated another incredible birthday yesterday!  Lauren gave birth to Sean Patrick yesterday at 11:29 p.m.  He is a perfectly perfect and adorable, healthy baby boy who is seriously cute as a cute can be.  Congratulations to Mommy Lauren and Daddy Sean Michael on the wonderful welcome of their baby boy!!

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