Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pi Day and Shamrock Shakes

[As a quick disclaimer I am writing this post from the Blogger app on my phone. I'm currently on a Megabus headed to NYC. I've never used this app so I don't know how it will appear online or where the photos I'm attaching will really show up. Bear with me!]

Hi everybody! Sorry I've been MIA the past couple days. I promise I've been thinking about you a lot, just was super swamped and stressed this week with work that the last thing I wanted to when I got home was spend more time on the computer.

I also sort of realized last night that my post from Wednesday maybe wasn't live? I don't know why but Blogger seems to be sing something weird where it doesn't really push my posts live even when I've hit publish. It's happened a few times now and I'm not exactly sure why and frankly I've been too lazy to really investigate but nonetheless I apologize!

The end of the week went really well, aside from having some challenges at work. I ran 3 miles on Thursday, per my training plan, and in honor of Pi Day (3/14) I let my inner nerd come through and snapped the picture of the treadmill at 3.14 miles!

Friday was a fun day as we encouraged employees to dress green for St. Patrick's Day and had a mini breakfast and coffee for everyone. I got in the spirit a bit myself and dressed up, baked cookies, and held a special challenge for my friends!

When I was in elementary school, my principal used to hold a St. Patrick's Day challenge for students to dress festively and one boy and one girl from each grade would be chosen as the winner and the principal would buy them a shamrock shake at lunch from McDonalds! Now, as you may imagine, this was pretty much the coolest thing possible to me and I would get DECKED OUT every year in hopes of winning that delicious minty concoction that only comes out in March every year.

That used to make things so fun so I decided to offer the same challenge to my coworkers. I am always looking for ways to make being at work a bit more fun and interesting. If you think about how much time we spend at the office each week, it's just not worth it to me to not enjoy yourself and be comfortable and happy and have fun. I think some people forget that sometimes and I'm lucky enough to work in an office that allows and even, encourages, my goofiness and funny ideas.

Some people just ignore my emails all together but that doesn't bother me. If I can make one or two people smile, then it is a success to me. And yes, I include myself in that count of one or two people who smile. My happiness is important in this equation too!!

Anyways, a number of people dressed up in green and it was fun to pick 3 winners that I went out over lunch and bought Shamrock Shakes for. And then one for me of course :)

It made what otherwise was a really busy Friday in the office, a little more fun. In elementary school, Mr. Smith offered this challenge only every St. Patty's but I'm now going to look for more ways to incorporate this challenge/reward concept into my life. And my coworkers for that matter!

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