Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Keeping on the bandwagon

Why is it so much easier to skip a workout when you skipped a workout the day before?  Yesterday, as I mentioned, I didn't get a workout in.  I left work and would have probably gotten to the yoga class I wanted to go to JUST as it was starting, and I hate sneaking in the back.  I thought about going to work out anyways, but ended up just skipping it.

I figured I would get a good workout in today as I was planning on both running and attending an interval training class at the gym at work.  I went to the gym during lunch and when I went to change... well, I had forgotten a sports bra, so that wasn't happening.  At the end of the day I was sooo tempted to just skip my run and come home and crash on the couch, but I didn't.  After work, I came home, got a sports bra, and went and ran my 3 miles.  Well, no, I went to Target after work and bought a new sports bra (hey, you don't need to give me more than one reason to go shopping...) and then went to the gym.  Either way, I got my 3 miles in.

And it's funny because, sometimes, I can do 3 miles easy as pie, but some days it just doesn't feel good and it is hard to even do those.  Today was a tough day.  However, I heard one time that the days that your work outs feel tough -- those are the days that really matter.  Because if it's a day where it feels easy and you're just running or going through your workout like it's nothing... well then it's easy and you don't need to push yourself.  The days that you have to mentally push yourself to keep going and work your muscles HARD is the days that you get stronger and grow yourself both mentally and physically.

People use the same analogy for life in general... the things in life that come easy to you, that's great.  But the things that are hard... that you have to really work and fight for.  Well, those are the moments and things in life that build character and make you who you are.

It was a character building day for me, y'all :)  In more than one way too.  But, that's enough of that.

Hope everyone had a great start to their week.  Happy Tuesday everyone -- one day closer to the day that everyone is Irish!

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